EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 8

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EX-Brave Releases Sara From Slavery


“This is my home”


When we got back, I bring Sara to my home.


“…….What a very small house”


“Compared to a noble’s house. For now, Sara, show me your arm”




Sara showed her arm to me.


“Aa, it’s been burned with the ‘slave mark’”


Slaves are branded. When branded, the original power, such as magic power, is sealed.


“Will it be like this for the rest of my life…..?”


“Usually, if you don’t cancel it, it will stay like that forever. Usually”


“Is there something you can do?”


“Well, just look. <Release Magic> activate”


When I cast it on her arm, the slave’s mark gradually disappear.


“Ooh! Is this the power of the brave!?”


“My power is,  or should I say that I can learn all kinds of magic”


It is the result of raising the level of the hero’s privilege or level to the maximum.


“Now I see where your power comes! Noel, I don’t know how to express my thanks to you!”1


Sara is delighted, but I didn’t do much.


Help if someone is in need.


That’s what my father teach me.


I have been taught that a smile is the best reward.


I’ve lived with my father’s teachings in my heart.


And it will not change.


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  1. 「力がみなぎってくるのがわかるぞっ!ノエル、何と礼を言ったら良いか!」

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