Ex-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 79


Ex-Brave, Asked a Favor by The Saint King

“Actually, I have a favor to asked of Noel”

A favor, to me?

“In this village, isn’t the number of children is overwhelmingly small? That’s why, I want you to take over some of the orphans protected in the Holy Kingdom”

“Take over? Children is?”

“That’s right, somehow, children with family circumstances, lost, or abandoned, are sent to the church”

Listening to the story, makes me remembered something.

When I was on a journey to subdue the Demon Lord as a Brave, I have visited some villages attacked by demons.

The villagers asked me to kill the monsters, what I saw in the village was a child crying while leaning on the body of their parents.

I’m on a journey to protect the smiles of these children, is what I thought.

Then, on the way returning to Hanoi village after defeating the Demon Lord, I stopped by the village I saved.

Because I don’t wear armor and helmet, the people are not aware of the fact that I’m the Brave.

However, some people have noticed and thanked me.

What I saw at that time was the children playing innocently at the establishment.

I felt rewarded when I saw it.

“Understood. I will take them”

“At a later date, I will bring them along with the sister. Ah, there is Stella’s child among them”


“Just now, you just said something that can’t be overlooked, aren’t you!? About Stella having a child!?”

“To be precise, she was pregnant. Well, I take them out with my power and are now growing to some extent. Of course they don’t remember their parents’ face, they don’t have any memory about it. Stella doesn’t know this either, and I have no plan to tell her either. This is also her punishment”

Honestly, I feel complicated but, it can’t be helped.

Well, the moment we met, the complicated feeling will be already gone.

I think I’m a simple man.

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