Ex-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 78


Ex-Brave, Reunited With The Saint King

One month after the construction started, the church was finally completed.

“However, to be able to reproduce it as it was before…… you don’t have a special power or anything, do you?”

“No no, I just did what I could”

But, it’s not like it can function as a church yet.

A report must be made properly to the Holy Kingdom and receive the blessing of the Saint King.

That’s why, functioning as a church is still a long way off.

“For now, should I makes a report to the Holy country…….”


“That’s unnecessary you know♪”

A voice came from behind, so I turned around…..

“A fine church has been completed isn’t it♪”

“Saint King!?” (T/N: Noel use -sama here)

“Eh!? This person is the Saint King!?”

And there was the grinning face of the Saint King, Mirage.

“Si-since when!? Or rather, why are you here!?”

“When I first came, I set up a “transition point” here. Because coming here by boat every single time is a hassle. I knew from Schvia that you were building a church. Perhaps, it has already been completed, is what I was thinking”

Her behavior is incredible……, or rather, the country reported it.

“You are called Amur, right? What a wonderful building you have made. Your arms, is such an incredible thing”

“Ah, thank you very much! I am honored to be praised by the Saint King!”

“This is how a church should be, right. Recent churches are no good, they’re too flashy. A simple beauty is indispensable you know”

Mirage nodded with an un, un.

It looks like she liked it.

Afterward, Mirage gave the church her blessing.

She went inside, prayed to the goddess, and cast a spell.

The air of the church seemed clear at once, is what I thought.

“I will dispatch a sister here”

“By Sister, you mean……”

“It’s okay, Stella is now in re-education, I have taken her qualifications as a Saint and plan to live in the Holy Kingdom for the rest of her lives. I will dispatch another person”

Oh, well, I don’t really mind so it’s good. ( いや、まぁ気にはしてないから別に良いんだけども。)

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