Ex-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 77


Intermission: Christa’s Resolve

The bankruptcy of the Amur Firm had a big influence on the architects of Schvia.

Still, the impact will soon disappear, and the turmoil will subside, which is what most thought.

There were a lot of such opinions at Christa’s Firm where Christa serves as representative.

Meanwhile, Christa was looking at a piece of paper

It was an official notice from the country which read “Recruitment of members of Pioneer to an undeveloped village”.

The place is Hanoi Village, this was what Noel requested from Schwartz, but the architects ignored it.

The main reason was its long-term restraint and low salary.

“Representative, the prototype of the model for the competition has been completed”

“Un, ……..it’s good to lower the design a little. What about safety?”

We are doing exactly as the representative said”

She was looking seriously, comparing the drawing with the model many times and makes detailed corrections.

And her subordinates take notes of it.

“……It’s alright with this, right”

“Then, I’ll recreate a new one”

The subordinate bowed and left the room.

Christa looks at the paper again.

“Pioneering, huh…….”

Christa has actually already seen the Hanoi Village and surprised at the abundance of resources.

Surely, it will be a good experience to participate.

However, it’s visible that the surroundings do not agree.

Taking the position of representative, or experience as an architect.

Christa was troubled about that.

Wherein, Christa was called by the country.

“Actually, there is a suspicion of fraud in your company”

“Eeh!? I-I didn’t do it!!”

At Schwartz’s words, Christa denied it.

“To be precise, there is a testimony that your subordinates handed money during the competition for the renovation work of the noble’s mansion. If this is true, I have no choice but to impose punishment upon your firm”

Christa becomes dizzy.

They have competed openly in design without cheating, and she was proud of it.

However, to have fraud done in a place she didn’t know is……

“Lady Christa, are you okay?”

“Y-Yes……. Excuse me, for not noticing it, I am really sorry. I will take responsibility……”

“It’s only a suspicion now, also, from your reaction just now, I have confirmed it that you are not involved”

“From the time the suspicion is out, that means that it was because of my failure in management…… ”

Afterward, Christa who returned to the company called out to her subordinates.

The subordinate admitted the fact of the dishonesty.

However, the other firm was also doing it without regret, is what he said.

Wanting to yell and cry, various emotions swirled up inside Christa.

The result, Christa’s final decision, and that is……

Christa’s resignation as the firm representative and her participation in the pioneering team in Hanoi village.

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