EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 76

Hey guys, this chapter might be hard to understand. With how there are only conversations and no indication of who is talking in the raw, it really troubled me when I was working on this chapter. If you find any incongruency, please do tell in the comment.


EX-Brave, Amazed By The Back Side Of The World (元勇者、世の中の裏に呆れる)

The story of Amur Firm bankruptcy has come to me. Or should I say that Schwartz came to report it.

“Amur must have had a mixed feeling about this? For a store yourself involved in to collapsed is”

“No, I have done all I can do, so it can’t be helped”

“However, it won’t end with just this”

“What do you mean?”

“Actually, when building a noble’s house, a competition was done to make it fair, and most of it is a race ” (T/N: Maybe by race, it means “First come first serve”. The race here is in katakana (レース))

“In short, even though it has been pre-determined you still hold a competition, for what?”

“It was as a facade to the society, no, it is a facade to appeal to the country” (T/N: Note sure about this one. Raw: 世間に対する、いや国に対するアピールですよ。)

We are not doing anything dirty, we have decided it fairly, something like that.

“It seems that big brother Zeor had handed out a fair amount of money to nobles”

“Is the architects on top, or the nobles on top, I don’t know anymore which one it is”

“We, the royal family, are acting fair you know. Even now, we are still under deliberation”

“By the way, what kind of thing you do in the competition?”

“We ask the architect to submit the blueprints and models and have them explain it. My father is also very knowledgeable about architecture, so it’s quite tough”

“Master also said it. It was the hardest job, is what he said”

That is because it’s the job of building a castle that is also the face of the country. The responsibility is significant.

Now then, I wonder if Christa is alright?

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