EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 75


Interlude: No Use In Crying Over Spilt Milk

In the best district in the capital of Schvia, Amur Firm

Zeor Dragger. the current representative and the one who drove Amur out, was in a very bad situation right now.

Needless to say, it was the accident that occurred at the house of an Earl.

He was convicted of a design mistake, called and pursued by the parliament, the contracts of nobles he was good with were cut off, his members quit one after another, and he ended up paying large amounts of compensation.

It’s like a painting that is in degradation.

“Why……, it becomes like this……. After kicking Amur out, we are supposed to get back on track……..!!”

Zeor complaining alone in his room.

“In the first place, I was not the one who designed it! It’s not like I was directly the one that is bad!”

“No, you have forgotten the basics as an architect, so it was your fault”

Hearing a voice that suddenly appeared, Zeor raises his face.

The one who was in front of the door was Emould.

“M-master……, why are you here? Are you going to give me a helping hand?”

Emould let out a sigh.

“Well, in a sense, I don’t know if it could be called an aid……. Zeor, it happened because you had forgotten the most important thing as an architect. Did something come to mind?”

“Important things…….?”

“It seems you don’t know……. It was because you don’t listen when you were training under me. A house is for its residents to live in comfort and happiness. However, you’re dazzled by the status and honor in front of your eyes and neglected the most important thing that is “Safety””

“T-that is…….however, it is not only me! The architects around me are also doing something similar!”

“That’s right, there’s also my teachings that are not delivered. I’m going to take responsibility. That’s why, you too take responsibility”

“By re-responsibility you mean……..?”

“Fold this firm and clear your feet from the world of architecture. It is not suited for you”

“T-that is…….. do you mean expulsion…….!?”

“Isn’t that what it supposed to mean? Isn’t it natural for me, your master, to give you guidance?”

Zeor crumbles down.

A few days later, Amur Firm was closed.

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