EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 74


EX-Brave Watch Over The Turmoil

Later, the substitute Goddess statue came.

The broken Goddess statue was being restored in Sunny’s atelier.

“The design of the Goddess statue looks the same. But there may be subtle differences”

“We are famous among sculptors, but there is a rumor that if you arrange a goddess statue, it will be shattered the next day. Because of that happened many times, they contract neurosis and there are some people that quit too”

…….If it’s that Goddess, she might have done it. ( あの女神ならやりかねん )

We met several times when I was on a journey to defeat the Demon Lord.

She looked like a beautiful teenage girl, but the Goddess said, “I can change my appearance depending on the situation”.

By the way, at that time, Gudard said “an old loli huh…..” and eat a dropkick from the Goddess.

I guess the end of that guy was decided at that time……

The next day, Christa came.

“This is just from what I heard but, it seems that Amur Frim has done something terrible” (Christa)

“Not only the business community but also the architectural industry is affected. Since the Earl is the chairman of houses of nobles, the parliament think of this as something big that the country has to move” (Christa)

“It’s been to that point!?”

“It was because the reason for remodeling was “I want to create an environment where my wife can give birth safely”. Because the Earl has taken the initiative in the design, it can’t be helped that he is angry and feel grieved” (T/N: I don’t know what 修まらな

“Wouldn’t Christa’s place be also affected?”

“Naturally. Well, it would happen eventually, is what I thought. That’s why, it would be bad if the direction is not corrected”

“By the way, how’s the talk about the competition in Schvia?”

“If I remember correctly, all the architects seem to be excited, but because of what happened, I told my firm to change the design. It’s because it was a test to see if you have a sense of danger”

So this is what they temporarily thought of huh, to see whether the architects have a sense of danger or not.

I don’t know if the timing is good or bad, but it will be a turning point.

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