Ex-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 73


EX-Braves Knows a Quiet Incident (元勇者、静かな異変を知る)

I immediately have them enter the church and see the state of the statue.

“I see…….it can be repaired but it will take time”

Taking a glance at the statue, Sunny said that.

“As expected, it will be bad if the statue is not here”

“How long will it take to repair it?”

“It takes about half a month”

Well, if it’s like that then it can’t be helped.

“You also got other jobs so, sorry”

“No no, I just had free time. In addition, most of the big jobs are taken by major companies”

“By major you mean, the companies in Schvia?”

“Yes, but it seems like terrible things are happening lately”

“Terrible things?”

“Ee, a certain Earl’s house was remodeled and his wife fell on the stairs and was seriously injured”

“She could just slip off right? I don’t think it’s such a big deal”

“It’s just that, his wife is pregnant”


“Yes, she had a miscarriage. The Earl was very angry, he asks the architect responsible for compensation for what’s happened. It seems the amount of compensation is not half bake…..”

“By the way, who is the architect?”

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s [Zeor Dragger](ゼオール・ドラッガー)”

“Eeeh!? That person is my big brother!?”

“Eh, could it be, the one that kicked Amur was…..”

“Yes, it’s my big brother”

Well how to say it, I usually will say that you reap what you sow but, I never thought that the punishment for kicking Amur would be like this……

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