Ex-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 71


EX-Brave Knows The Plan

“So, there’s something I need to tell you”

“What is it?”

“Schvia castle rebuilding will be done soon. To decide the architect, a [Competition} will be held”

“Eh!? Is it true!?”

That story, I wonder if it’s true……

It’s no exaggeration to say that a castle is a symbol of the country.

To be in charge of rebuilding it, would be an honor for an architect.

Moreover, Emould was in charge of the previous design.

Practically, it will decide the successor of Emould.

Even if I’m not familiar with the building industry, I know it’s a huge job.

“Perhaps, architects from all over the country will join in. Amur, what would you do?”

“…….I will not participate. I already tired of being swayed by the nobles and architects”

“I thought you would say that. That’s just like you. You should live as you like”

Hohoho, laugh Emould.

Maybe he was testing Amur.

“Noel, I’ll leave Amur in your care”

Leaving the church, Emould bowed his head.

“No no, even if you ask me that……”

“I have to cure the bad cold that is prevalent in the industry right now”

“? What do you mean?”

“In this compettion, I was thinking of giving only one task. The theme will be [The Last Home]”

“The Last Home?”

“That’s right, this year will be the last year for me too. I have to think about my end too. That’s why, I will let my disciple do the design, is what I think”

That will make the disciple have no choice but to work hard to make it.

“By the way Noel, what do you think about ‘The Last Home’?”

“Well, even when you suddenly ask me that…….it would be nice to be welcomed at the house where we were born and raise”

That is why I came back to this village.

“Ho~u, as expected of the Brave, you are young but you understand. I’m thinking the same too. In the end, what you want is to be welcomed calmly. A useless decoration is not needed. I was thinking of trying to see if they have that same idea”

I see, if they were told by a famous person like Emould, there’s a chance that their sense of value will be overturned.

“Well, just think of it as the last major cleaning of this old man”

His face was like an evil kid who is plotting for mischief.

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