EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 70


EX-Brave Know The Unexpected Truth of The Church

“Master, what are you doing here?”

“I heard the rumor about you, so I came to see you”

There was Schwartz next to him.

“So it was Schwartz who brings you here huh”

“I can’t refuse if asked by Mr. Emould”

Schwartz and I whisper to each other so that our voice won’t be heard.

Amur doesn’t seem to know that I’m the former Brave.

“To bother coming all the way here, thank you very much”

“Since I’m retired now, it can’t be helped that I have a lot of time. However, I never expected that you will be the one that in charge of rebuilding this church”

“Emould, do you know about this church?”

I felt like, he knew about it from what he was saying.

“That’s right, because it was the first building that I worked on. There’s no way I can forget about it”


This is a church made by Emould!?

“When I first started, this church was built by the chief of the village at that time. Looking at its appearance, it made me remember that time. At that time, I was so happy that people gathered in the buildings I made and smiled, so I would love to come and see it again and again”

Emould talking with nostalgic look.

“So that’s why the atmosphere of mater was drifting from the whole building”

“Umu, I was doing it faithfully to the basics because it was a structure at the time. I repainted the wall many times and it was finally completed. You reproduced it properly. As expected of you, Amur”

“Thank you very much!”

Amur looks happy to be praised.

Even though I didn’t know that, the disciple is rebuilding the building that his master worked on.

There may be deep emotions about it.

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