EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 7

Do you think that increasing the 5-star rating in the NU will get you another chapter?! Well, you are right. Enjoy~

Ex-Brave Sympathizes with Sara


“Slave, you say, did Sara work in a noble house somewhere in the royal city?”


Sara then nods her head.


“I was originally a direct subordinate of the Demon King….”




“I was told by people around me that I have the potential to become an executive, but I was betrayed by my subordinate and failed in my duties, which angered the Demon King and was banished….. And also sold as a slave to merchant……”


“Wait a minute. Is the slave merchant a human?”


“Aa, some humans are connected to us”


What the hell, among the people to be protected there are some that are connected to the demons…..


What am I fighting for……


Somehow everything I’d done felt in vain.


“Sara, do you know that the Demon King has been defeated?”


“Aa, I know because the people in the mansion were making noises. I have heard that the prince of that country has defeated the Demon King”


So it’s already known in the kingdom……


“I ran away because I heard that there was a possibility that the remnants of the Demon King might be hunted. Because I might be offered and killed”


“I see…… I feel the same too”


“What do you mean?’


“I was also betrayed by my comrades. The one who defeated the demon king was me”


“Wa!?” So Noel was the Brave!?”


“Former. I’m just a villager now”


“Is that so…..”


“Just to tell you, I won’t fight anymore. I’m not going to be hostile to demons. Listening to Sara’s story, strengthened that feeling”

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4 Replies to “EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 7”

  1. Hope this won’t turn into a harem. Seems likely, unfortunately.

    Based on the novel’s cover, I’m assuming the childhood friend/saint (presumably the blue haired girl) comes back and it turns out she wasn’t in on the betrayal plan or something.

    Since the dark elf doesn’t have horns, she probably also isn’t the demon in this chapter (unless the hair ornament thing is meant to be horns).

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