EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 69


EX-Brave Impressed

Half a month has passed since the rebuilding of the church began.

“The exterior is almost complete ”

The tattered wall was beautifully restored.

“To make a tattered wall this beautiful, as expected of an architect”

“Because plastering is the basic of the basic. During my training, I was doing it until I was bored”

Amur said with a nostalgic look.

“I like this simple feeling. There are no useless decorations”

“Flashy appearance is not suited for this village, that is what I thought”

I see, to take that into consideration, as expected of him.

“Next is the interior huh”

“Let’s recreate the bench. But, there are things I can’t make”

“Aa, this one huh…….”

It was the “Goddess Statue” at the back of the church.

And the wall painting on the ceiling.

This seems impossible even for Amur.

The Goddess statue is tattered.

As expected, this can’t be left alone.

“Are there any sculptor?”

“There is at the firm but…….as expected”

He can’t ask them because he got kicked out.

“Let’s just fix the thing that can be fixed for the time being”

“That’s right”


“Ho~u, isn’t this a fine church”

Suddenly, I heard a voice from the entrance, and when I turned around


Emould stood there.

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