EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 68


EX-Brave Knows The Circumstances of Christa

“That is, what do you mean?”

“My family is doing real estate work, but my former father is the type that looks at the status of his customers, so if it’s Marquis or Earl’s house, he would sell them a fine house, if it’s Baron, he would sell a suitable house”

“That means, Amur parent’s house is…….”

“A Baron. My former father sold them a defective house. But the customers were happy because they didn’t know anything. I was having a hard time because of that”

“Then, the first time you met was not when you guys were a disciple huh”

“Amur must not remember. I only took a glance at him too. But I remember it somehow. That’s why I was surprised when we were reunited as an apprentice. Since then, we gradually became friends but…..”

Suddenly, Christa’s expression became cloudy.

“Amur parents, killed themselves. It was because of the shock that they were scammed”


My words didn’t come out.

“It seemed that they were in debt when they bought the house, and the house they bought was a defective one, and they were stressed by various things around them…… I was shocked when I heard that story……. So I had a big quarrel with my former father and cut my ties with him”

“But, it wasn’t Christa’s fault, right?”

“I just can’t accept it. It’s unpleasant to live with the money got from scamming, and I felt sorry……”

I see, Christa got her own circumstances.

“That’s why I want to make a house that will never make anyone unhappy. However, nobles tend to focus on appearance……”

Christa sighed.

The reality seems to be tough.

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