EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 67


EX-Brave Get To Know Amur’s Past

Leaving the castle and joining together with Amur again, we returned to the village. For some reason, Christa also came. Looking at her, I ask “Is it okay for you to come? You have other jobs to do, right?”

Shaking her head, she replied, “It’s fine, my job was just to draw the design, I didn’t need to go to the site, or rather, they won’t let me go.”

Confused, I ask, “Why? Don’t you need to give various instructions on the site?”

With a tense smile, she replies, “Some architects don’t like to be ordered by a woman.”

I see….. No, isn’t it rude to be convinced with just that? It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman if that person is excellent.

Getting back to the village, the materials have already been prepared and work is being done under the direction of Amur.

It looks like he is used to giving instructions and teaching someone. Murmuring, I say, “But, it seems that Amur really likes architecture, huh?”

Shaking her head, Christa replies “…….I don’t think he likes it. I think it was the opposite.”

I tilt my head and look at her, “The opposite?”

With a sigh, she adds, “Amur’s parents were scammed and bought a defective house.” Shocked, I try to think of something to say, “Eh!?”

With a sad expression, Christa continues, “Even though they bought it with the little savings they had…..when he saw his sad parents, he decided to become an architect and build a fine house, is what he told them.”

Giving out a low whistle, I nod, “Is that so…….. But, you know about it pretty well huh?”

With a pained expression, “That’s…. Of course. It was my father who sold the defective house. But I already cut my ties with him, so he is my former father now”




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