EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 65

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EX-Brave Consult 2

I came to Schvia castle, to see Schwartz. Seeing me, he smiled,  “Milord Noel, is there something that you need?”

Shaking my head, I reply, “Un, just a little consultation.” I talked to him about Amur.

Nodding, he replies, “I see……. Actually, I was worried about the architects of nobles recently. In order to construct a building, you need to have a permit from the country but…..” Saying that, Schwartz showed me something.

Liking up a blueprint, he continues, “This is a drawing of a noble house recently applied for, but the ornaments and everything else is too luxurious.”

That’s certainly so. Even the walls are decorated! Looking about it, it’s about the same as the royal house, isn’t it.

He then lifts up another blueprint, “This too, the architects with the principle of luxury designs keep coming one after the other.”

Tilting my head, I ask, “Don’t they just need to decline it?” Shaking his head, Shwartz replies,  “That’s because the nobles have no knowledge of architecture. They just do what they were suggested.”

Holding my chin, I reply, “Is that so…….but, from where ever you are looking at it, isn’t it just… useless?”

Sighing, her replies, “Of course I know that. However, I am afraid of the backlash from the architects if this is handled poorly.”

Still thinking, I murmur, “For me, an architect like Amur is needed, that’s what I think anyway.”

Nodding, Shwartz replies, “I’m exactly the same. That is why we need to change the flow……”

Change the flow huh…….




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