EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 64


EX-Brave Knows the Circumstances of Amur


Walking in, Christa explains, “Our master was the one who designed the castle of Schvia by the name of ‘Emould Dragger'(エモルド・ドラッガー), he is pretty famous.”

I decided to ask their circumstances again after we entered the workshop. Nodding, I ask,  “And then, as a ‘Goodwill’, you came up to be a rival”(T/N: I don’t know what “暖簾分け” means, only “Goodwill” came out when I searched the google. So this sentence might be not accurate)

Glaring at Amur, Christ continues with her fist clenched, “However, the style of Amur’s firm changed recently, I was curious so I asked the architects there. Then I found out Amur was kicked out……”

Putting the pieces together, I ask”So what your saying is, the one who kicked him is the same disciple?” Nodding his head, Amur agrees,  “He’s our elder brother disciple, but, he was in charge of all the management…..”

Hearing him being mentioned as a elder brother, Christa interrupts him, “That guy is not a our big brother! He was jealous of Amur’s talent and purposely tried to sabotage him, and now he finally got Amur kicked out!”

Yeah…. Wherever it is, that kind of guy is always there. Looking at both of them, I ask, “But both of you are rivals, right? Isn’t it convenient if the other is gone?”

Nodding, Amur smiles, “That’s right, I’m a freelance architect now and will not accept requests from nobles. From now on, I’ll only deal with regular citizens.” Shaking her head, Christa quietly murmurs, “……I’m sure it’s convenient for the firm….. But, your….. A rival….. MY rival….. Of course I will be worried.”

With a happy expression, Amur smiles, “Is that so……thank you, Christa” Surprised by the unexpected thanks, Christa gasps,  “Wha!?”

………Aa~, so that’s how it is. Seeing Christa’s face turn bright red, I finally understand the situation. Amur seems to be a dense type of person, I hope it goes well. Even though Christa can’t seem to be honest with her feelings too.

Deciding to give them space, I turn around and call out, “I’ll take a little walk around the city for an hour or so.”

Saying so, I left the workshop. The place I was heading to is Schvia caslte.


Chapter 55 has been updated with new info



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  1. Maybe because the pace in translating is slowing down, i lost my hype and interest in this novel..

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