EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 63


EX-Brave Get to Knows Amur’s Relationships


Amur’s workshop seems to be in a back alley a little away from the main street in the capital city of Scvhia. He turns to me and points his hand down an alley  “This is to the workshop I personally use.”

Confused, I ask, “Hee~, but doesn’t the firm have a workshop too?” Hearing my question, Amur thinks for a second,  “Eh, it’s a fine workshop with the latest tools. However, I like my calm workshop more. Ah, it’s over there”

At where Amur pointed to, I could see row of houses and in it’s corner, there’s a signboard with Amur’s name that has been taken down, if I wasn’t told, I could only see it as an ordinary house. Wait…. looking closer, I see something, so I mention it to Amur,  “But, isn’t there someone standing there?”

Surprised, Amur squints, “Nn? Who is it…….?” A girl is standing in front of the workshop. Tilting his head, Amur calls out,  “Um, do you need anything from my workshop?”

With a twitch, the girl spins around, “Ah! Amur! You, where have you been!?” Shocked, Amur cries out,  “Aah! Christa!?(クリスタ) Why are you here?”

Christa?…..  Christa…… If I’m not mistaken, she’s the representative of the rival firm, Christa…..  Chamber of commerce?

The girl called Christa grabbed Amur’s collar and shook him.Upset, she yells,  “You being kicked out of your firm, I heard that you know!? What’s the meaning of that!? While being shook, poor Amur tries to explain, “F-from t-t-the st-st-story, yo-you sh-o-ould under-st-stand…..”

Seeing that its likely not going to change anytime soon, I step towards them and try to keep my voice calm, “For now, can you let him go?” Hearing an unknown voice, Christa lets Amur go and tenses up while looking at me. “You….. Who are you?”

Finally getting a chance to breathe, Amur tells her,”Cough cough……. he is my current employer.” Nodding my head towards her warily, I introduce myself,  “I’m Noel, the chief and feudal lord of Hanoi village. Amur is taking my request right now”

Sizing me up, she introduces herself as well, “Is that how it is……. My name is Christa, Christa Dragger”

Heh? Dragger is…… seing the look on my face, Amur explains,  “Ah, Dragger is Master’s surname, we are  fellow disciples”

Aa, so that what it means. How interesting.


T/N: Crown


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