EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 62

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EX-Brave Be Asked For a Favor


Afterwards, I introduced Amur to everyone. Looking at him, Millet commented,  “I have heard of Amur’s name. He is a first class architects who boasts first or second place in Schvia.”

As I thought, he is famous among the royalty and nobles. With a mischievous smile, Cammy comments, “If so, isn’t it funny? To be kicked out by the company he made.”

Sara then throws out a question. “By chance, perhaps they wanted the position and fame from the beginning? And because they already got it, you weren’t needed anymore? Maybe something like that?”

With a conflicted smile, Amur chuckles, “Ahahaha, that’s certainly a possibility. Well, I don’t really care which one. On the contrary, I am grateful.” Tilting her head, Sara asks,  “Is it about you getting kicked out?”

Nodding with a resolved look, Amur replies,”Yeah, rather than pleasing the nobles, I wanted to help those in need. Therefore, I can finally do what I like! You could said that I have a lot of feelings about this”

I somewhat understand his point. That’s because when I was a Brave, I “fake” killed myself. to get a lay of the land, Amur decided to stay in the village for a while. The next day amur gathered us and asked, “I have something to ask everyone. I want the best material to repair everything.” (T/N: I’m not sure: 材料の切り出しをしてもらいたいんです。)

Tilting his head, Millet asks, “Best materials?” Seeing Millet’s, and the rest of our, confusions, Amur explains, “Yes. I need soil and wood.”

After thinking about it for a moment, I reply, “We should be able to get wood from trees in the nearby forest, what about the soil?” Happy that the tree issue was quickly solved, Amur continues,  “I want to use the soil from the waterside.”

Nodding my head, I think about where we could find that…. wait, I know, “If so, there is a rocky out cropping on the riverside.”

Happy that those two big issues are taken care of, Amur frowns, “However, we doesn’t have enough people you know?” Hearing that, I smile and shake my head,  “Aa, it’s okay. I already asked for our helpers to show up, they should even be here any minute.”

Surprised, Amur looks at me, “Helpera?”

Then from behind us, we hear a yell, “O~i, I brought them~”

It was Garzas and his subordinates who appeared. I contacted him in advance. Garzas had left the army and returned to be an adventurer, but he still interacted with his former subordinates.

Seeing them, I clap my hands and smile at Amur, “Alright! Let’s get to work!” Looking at the insignias on their clothes, he asks “How reliable. Are these people from Levania?”

Nodding, I reply, “Yeah, the ones I can personally vouch for.” The village has entered the Schvia territory, but has been granted special permission to interact with Levania.

Seeing that the problems have been taken care of, Amur nods, “Great! I’ll go home for a bit and get some tools then.” Nodding, I decide to take him there,  “I’ll come with you”

So me and Amur headed for the royal capital.



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