EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 60


EX-Brave Meets an Architect With Special Circumstances

Surprised, I stick my hand out, “I’m Noel Veigel, the chief of Hanoi Village and also its feudal lord.”

Taking my hand, Amur replied, “Let me officially introduce myself, I’m called Amur Dragger. I’m a freelance architect.” We left the guild and entered a nearby shop and introduced ourselves.

After both of us taking a seat, I ask him,”What you said  before, that you were kicked out of the company you made, what did you mean by that?”

With a sigh, Amur explains, “Well, about that, we just had a different way of thinking. I became an architect because I wanted to create a house where everyone, regardless of status, could live happily and safely. So I started a firm with my friends, made various houses, and even started talking to nobles.”

Hearing that, I let out a low whistle, “Then, you became the official architect of the noble family, huh?”

Nodding with a conflicted expression, Amur continues,”But you know, that’s not what I really wanted to do. My goal was to build a house where everyone can live happily. I’m not interested in getting famous or getting rich. But, my “friends” weren’t the same.”

Nodding with sympathy, I finished it for him, “Then, they betrayed and kicked you out huh.”

With a fake smile, Amur replied, “Well, you can say it that way. It’s strange right, getting kicked out of your own firm. But there’s nothing…. Wrong with that.” Amur laughed like it was something unrelated to him, but for me, it looks like he was just hiding it.

With that,I figured  he was a trustworthy guy. Standing up, I hold out my hand to help him up, “Then, I’d like you to see the site for the time being, so I would like you to come with me.”

Taking my hand and standing up, Amur’s smile brightens up, “That’s good, I have to see the site first anyways.”

I took Amur and returned to Hanoi village with transfer magic.



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