EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 6


EX-Brave Picks Up a Girl


After a short walk, I came into the inner part of the forest.


“What is this……”


What in front of me was…..




A girl who’s making a grown and laying down on the ground. There are horns that grew on her heads, and she wears a really exposed clothes. Apparently, she is a demon. And beside her was a mushroom that has been bitten.


“Does she got poisoned…..”


I judged so from the situation.


“Oi, hold yourself together. Because these are antidotes so drink it”


I made her ate the wild plants that had antidote in it from the wild plants that I picked earlier.




She looks better than before.


“Can you stand up?”


“Ugh, I still felt a little dizzy…..”1


“Can’t be helped, I’ll carry you”


‘I’m in your debt…..”


The girl got on my back obediently. I started walking while carrying the girl.


“My name is Noel. You are?


“……….It’s Sara2.


“Why did you collapse?”


“…..I ate mushrooms because I was hungry and suddenly my stomach hurt”


Well, the answer was as expected.


“And why were you there?”


“…….Because I ran away. From the human city”


“By human city, you mean the capital?”


“…….I am a slave”

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  1. 「うぅ、まだぼんやりしてる・・・・・・。」
  2. サラ

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