EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 59


EX-Brave Knows The Back Side (裏側を知る)

It’s been a week since my request, but we haven’t heard anything back from the Civil Engineering guild. Thinking allowed, I ask,  “Is the reward too cheap? or was the deadline too short?”

Shaking his head, Millet replies, “No, I think it was appropriate…..”

After that, I went  to the CE Guild again to see the situation. It’s still stuck at the request board as usual. There seems to be no trace of anyone even touching it.

When I look at the top, the staff put a new request with a mark on it.

As to not to get in the way, I leave the place and looked at the architects who gathered around the request form. One of them exclaims, “Oh! A request for the refurbishment for the house of countess Grundy(グランディ) huh!?”

Another then reached for the form, “Alright! I’ll take this request home!” (T/N: The home he said here is probably the place his team are, maybe like construction party, I’m so bad at explaining things)

A third then scoffed, “Don’t be silly! Your place just took the request of Marquis Beranga(ベランガ) the other day! Go back to your place!” The architects start making a fuss.

Surprised, I murmur, “What….. Is this……”

Suddenly,I hear a voice from behind me,  “It’s the usual sight.” When I looked back, a gentle looking young man stood there while smiling.

Not understanding, I ask, “The usual sight?” Still smiling, but this time tiredly,  “Everyone, just want to take requests from nobles or royalty.”

Hearing that, I ask, “Why? Even ordinary people will want a house or remodel theirs, right?”

Still with a tired smile, the young man explains, “The easiest way to explain it is, it’s for status and money. If the nobles or royals like it, they might become their official worker. Making them earn a huge fortune.”

Looking back at the squabbling group, I ask, “But, its rank is higher isn’t it?”

Nodding, the young man agrees, “Yeah, that’s right. That’s why a major firm takes the request and lets the architects do it. Around this time, ‘Amur Chamber of Commerce’ and ‘Christa Chamber of Commerce’ dominate”

Starting to understand, I point at the group, “In other words, those workers too?”

Shaking his head, the young man says, “They don’t belong to either one.”

…….Power battles, and factions battle are everywhere, huh.

Sad, I ask, “Then, the homes of the ordinary people will be left behind?”

His smile gone, the young man agrees, “Unfortunately, its just like what you said.”

With a feeling of resignation creeping up on me, “……Then, when it came to pioneering…….?”

Shaking his head, the young man explains, “Well, it seems they never undertake it, is what I think. It takes time, and there’s also risk to it”

…….It’s somehow…… disappointing. In the end, it is just about money and honor.

Changing the subject, the young man asks me, “Did you come to put in a request?”

Nodding my head, I clarified, “Ah. it’s been a week since I put in a request, but I didn’t get a call so I came to check on it but, it may be faster to do it ourselves”

Raising his eyebrow, the young man asks, “Are you an architect too?”

Shaking my head, I reply, “No, but I can use construction magic and repair magic well enough.”

With a neutral expression, the young man replies, “I see, I see……. By the way, the place is?”

Wonder why he’s asking questions suddenly? After a second, I reply, “It’s in Hanoi Village.”

With a nod, He replies, “Aah…….. so that’s how it is.” With that, he approached the request board and picked the request I issued. “This request, I will take it”

Surprised, I ask him, “You- You’re an architect?”

With a sheepish smile, the young man gives a small bow, “I’m an architect called ‘Amur Dragger'”(T/N: In here, he used “建築士” when he says architect, which means a licensed/authorized architec. Amur Dragger[アムール・ドラッガー])

Eh? Isn’t Amur is…… Seeing my realization, Amur continues with a pained smile,  “The Amur firm was a firm I launched some time ago. ……Well, I just got kicked out recently.”



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  1. Wait a minute… he builds and launches an architecture firm and the firm kicks him out?! Either they’re all idiots or he’s got a … problematic personality, or both!

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