EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 58


EX-Brave Requesting The Civil Engineering Guild


A guild is simply a public employment office to secure daily labor. The client just have to post their request there and the person who receives the request and finishes it will receive rewards.

When I was an adventurer, I went into the adventurers guild and worked with Garzas to defeat monsters and collect medicinal herbs. I never thought that I will be a client.

That is why I came to the Civil Engineering guild in the capital city of Schvia. With transfer magic. It was successful thanks to Aina who remembered the place. Normally it would take us a few days for us to get there, so I was grateful for the existence of magic at such times.

“So this it the civil engineering guild huh. It’s a bit smaller than the adventurer guild” Millet, who came with us murmured, looking at the CE guild. Aina the nodded,  “Of course, because Adventurer Guild is more popular.” With that, we went inside.

By the way, us walking around the city doesn’t attract any attention. The case about Levania was of course known by the people of Schvia, but my name and features aren’t published. It was only known to the royal family and some parties that are involved.

It seems to be the consideration of the country.

Now then, there was a unique atmosphere when we entered the guild. It’s not only a place to receive requests, but also a place to exchange information. After all, the best way to communicate was over a meal. Especially with liquor, it will shorten the social distance.

That’s why most establishments have a bar.

For now, I go to the reception to make a request. With a smile, I tell her, “I want to make a request.” Flashing her business smile, she handed me a form, “Then, please fill in the request form here and bring it back to me. Depending on the content of the request, we will perform a review here and decide the rank.” I then walk to out at a nearby desk she pointed out.

Looking at Millet, I ask”The first thing is to rebuild the houses, right?” Nodding with a thoughtful expression, “That’s right, let’s make it for about a month”

I write that down then ask him, “What are we going to do about the rewards?” After thinking for a moment, Millet replied, “Let’s make it a basic of 1 gold coin, and we will increase it depending on the work volume.”

I fill it out while consulting with Millet, and after I’m done, I bring the form back to the receptionist. “I have finished filling the form”

Taking the form, she grabs out a file and scan our paper, “Yes, everything is filled….. Then, please wait a moment” Filling out the papers in the file and murmuring to herself, she looks up at me when she finished,  “The rank of this request is C-rank. 5 silver coins will be needed for the request.”

I handed her 5 silver coins.

Taking the money, she signs something in the folder and smiles at me, “Then, the request is accepted”

It was immediately posted on the request board.(T/N: 掲示板: Bulletin Board, I wonder if it’s okay to change it to request board…..)

Looking at the board, I mention to Millet, “It would be good if we could find one soon” Nodding, Millet agrees, “That’s right”

Turning around, I smile at Millet as I walk out the door, “Why don’t we go for a little shopping. Cammy told me to buy flower seedlings” After shopping, we left the royal capital.



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