EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 57


EX-Brave, Consult


“……..Now then, from where should I start?” I decided to call Sara and the others to consult with since I didn’t know how to run a village….. Looking at Sara, I ask, “First is….. Isn’t it repairing the buildings? People may move in, in the future.”

Nodding with a thoughtful expression, Sara replied, “You’re right, first we need to improve the current state of the village. For better or worse, we’re only a rural village in countryside.” With more thought, she added, “The roads are bad too, if it isn’t paved, no one will come…. Let alone want too.”

The problems are coming one after another. As if to remind me, Sara comments, “By the way, shouldn’t you have the money for it?” Ah….. That’s right, at the time when I was appointed feudal lord, I went to Schvia castle and received money develop to the village.

Scratching my head, I turn my head to the person next to Sara, “Honestly, I don’t know what to do with it. Millet, have you done anything like this?”

Nodding, Millet responds with a sarcastic face, “When I was in the castle, it was only one of my jobs. Because of my father’s and elder brother’s unreasonable demands, I was left doing half of their jobs”

With a pained smile, Cammy asked, “And because of that, dear brother can’t let go of the stomach medicine, right?” In reply, Millet only nodded slightly…. Jeez, to need a stomach medicine at the age of 15, he really was struggling.

Clearing his throat, Millet continued, “As for the construction and the road pavement, shouldn’t it be better if we ask the ‘Civil Engineering Guild’? (T/N: 土木 : Literally means public works, but I used Civil Engineering instead.)

Thinking, I look over to Aina,”If it’s construction magic, I can also use it, how about you. Aina?” Tilting her head to the side, Aina replies, “I just started studying earth magic……. Aaa~, I’m such an idiot!? Why can’t I remembered earth magic!?”

That Aina, when she was in the Brave party, she was always full of confidence and has a high pride, she really has changed. First of all, why don’t try requesting the civil engineering guild.



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