EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 56

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A/N: Volume 2, the start of the feudal lord arc.

EX-Brave Become The Feudal Lord

Hanoi, my hometown, is a small village in the mountains. The road is a straight path, so that a carriages could easily pass. Naturally, the road wasn’t paved.

Because it’s such a small and rural village, people rarely come. Even if someone comes, they will only be a peddler, or luckily, a merchant that comes to sell things.

But, I like this village better, no matter how big the royal capital is, and it’s peaceful to me.

……..That is what I thought but, in front of me, there’s a piece of paper with a fine frame. The paper says “Appointment Letter”  and has the following contents.

・I, the King, hereby appoint Noel Veigel as the chief of Hanoi Village and the feudal lord who controls the land around it due to his achievement defeating the Demon King.

・There will be no negotiations against, threats, et cetera, allowed to Noel Veigal and his friends, it is also prohibited to do intentional acts against Hanoi Territory as well.

…… Well, there are other finer details, but for the time being, I’m grateful that I have been recognized for my identity, and the  freedom to act as I wish.

I don’t want to get involved in anything troublesome anymore. But…. theres still one problem that I don’t know how to face,  “…….How can I develop this village better?”

It’s a countryside village in the middle of a mountain you know?




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