EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 55

Character Settings and Memo



Noel Veigel (18)

Black and short hair. Lean and muscular body type. His personality is basic and serious, thanks to what happened, he became distrustful towards humans, especially about romance, he was thinking of staying away for a while.

<Hanoi Village Residents>

Sara (Outward Appearance 15)

Former Demon King army executive candidate. Ponytail with silver hair and dark skin, her ears are pointed. Personality is serious. Has pride in being a knight. After being driven out from the Demon King’s army, she was sold to a slave trader and became a slave working in a noble home in Levania. That noble also fell to slavery in the coup.


Land God of Water. Sealed by demons in a well outside Hanoi village. Has light blue long hair and her appearance looks like in early teen. Looks like a child and loves Noel’s cooking.

Garzas Edhard (18)

A colleague of Noel when he was an adventurer. Has brown hair in a ponytail. His personality is bright and likes to brighten the mood. Get along with Noel. His parents are noble but he didn’t like the stiff life of nobles. He was in the army but after the coup, he moved to Hanoi and resumed to being an adventurer. He seems to have a fiancee…….

Sanya Almaty (16)

Former fiancee of Cain. Has blond wavy long hair and a good style. Character is the so-called Yamato Nadeshiko type. A beautiful girl who competes for the 12th most beautiful woman in the royal capital. She was unilaterally abandoned by Cain and was mentally broken, but she was helped by Noel and gradually recovered from living in Hanoi village. At the same time, she beat Cain to settle the past. After the coup, she spent her life traveling between Hanoi and the royal capital to support her father, who became its representative.

Millet Levania (16)

Second Prince of Levania. A handsome boy with short blonde hair. He supported his brother and father, but following what happened with their treatment of Noel, he decided to cut off his connection. He is interested in agriculture, and his the most brilliant when he is doing agricultural work in Hanoi. He later Became a counselor for Noel, the feudal lord.

Cammy Levania (15)

Former Princess of Levania. Has blond short hair. Her style is good. Has the ability to talk to spirits and asked them to take root in the land. One of the reasons why Cammy opposed the marriage was that the spirits hated Stella. After hearing from Millet what his brother and father did, she came to Hanoi with Millet completely. She have been gardening since she came to Hanoi village,

Amur Dragger

Apprentice of Emould Dragger. Former leader of his own company, before his senior apprentice brother instigated the other members to kick him out. Instead of being upset, he see’s it as being free from having to be stuck with dealing with nobility, and can now help regular people live better lives.

Christa Dragger

Apprentice of Emould Dragger. Leader of her own firm and still in charge of it. Seems to be interested in Amur but not honest with herself. Amur is seemingly oblivious to it.

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