EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 54


EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life

One month has passed since the coup, and it’s been six month since I defeated the Demon King.

Levania was in confusion at first but gradually calmed down and began to set new laws. This time, the people saying, “We don’t need royals or nobles anymore!”, and aimed to become a country that centered on its people.

General Gash seemed to play the role of negotiating with other countries on behalf of the country until its stable. He is only acting as its head, but he will surely retreat from the front stage, is what it looks like,

Garzas seemed to have prepared himself to be disinherited, but his family didn’t say anything, then he quit the army and become an adventurer again, but no one opposed him this time… On the contrary, they apologized and said “We have only been thinking about the face of our family so far, We’re sorry. From now on, we want you to live freely” Is how it went. (AL: just took a gov’t revolution…..)

For Sanya, she returned to the capital to support her father, now more confident after settling the score with Cain. That said, she still come here sometimes, so it’s not that big of a change. And after everything settled, I received a medal from Schvia kingdom and received the reward to govern Hanoi village.

In addition, the land around Hanoi Village was given, and I became the feudal lord of Hanoi territory. I was about to be given the status of a noble, but I declined to serve as the village chief.

I don’t want to be involved in strange power struggles. I just want to live in this village as before.

Well, if I become a feudal lord, troublesome things might happen anyway, but the former royal family Millet and Cammy have told me that they can help and they will do something if its within there power.

Though I’d rather nothing happened.

T/N: Crown


Hey guys, AL here, the Arc,  Ex-Brave Arc is completed, We’ll continue in the Feudal Lord Arc. So, get ready for the adventure of our poor Noel and what come his way!

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