EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 53


EX-Brave Settling the Scores1

The two couldn’t hide their surprise.

Cain asked in surprise, “Noel, you’re alive…..?”

In answer, I smiled, “It’s troubling that you look down on the Brave’s armor too much”

Stella then asked, “You…….you’re the one that planned it all!?”

Shaking my head, “I don’t have that kind of intelligence. In the first place, I have never been to the capital. That’s because as soon as I returned to the kingdom, I came here”

Confused, Cain asks, “Here?”

“Look at the signpost there” I pointed at the signpost. On it, it read out, “Ahead is Schvia kingdom’s Hanoi territory”.

Surprised, Stella asks, “Eeh!? Ahead is…..ins’t it Hanoi village!?”

Nodding, I affirmed, “That’s right, it’s our hometown, Hanoi Village.”

Still not understanding, Stella asks, “B-but Hanoi village is supposed to be Levania’s territory!?”

Clarifying, I tell her, “That’s what the King of Schvia negotiated over with Levania. So this became Schvia territory. Also, I changed the Hanoi village name, to Hanoi territory and became its feudal lord.”

Hearing that, the two of them were dumbfounded and were unsure what to do. Seeing their shock, I get to the main reason we were here, “Now then, do you know why I’m here? Why you both are here?”

Cain steps back in horror, asking, “Don’t tell me…….you did this to take us down with you own hand?”

Laughing at the foolish statement, “I honestly don’t care about you anymore. But you know, there is someone who is thinking of hitting you themselves.” Turning my head, I call out to the tree behind me, “You can come out now.”

And what appeared from the shadow of the tree is…….

“Long time no see. Cain”

Shocked, and guilty, Cain stammered, “Sa-Sanya…….” That’s right, it was Sanya.

With a neutral expression she states,”I don’t have any problem about it too. But, it’s alright for me to hit you once to settle the scores right?”

Thinking that it wouldn’t be that bad, Cain agreed, “……Alright. I do owe you at least that much. Go on, do it with all your strength.”

Smiling, Sanya held up her fists, “If it’s like that then, I won’t hold back……Ah, I made a mistake. Is it alright for me to beat you? It’s alright, right?”

Surprised, Cain starts to ask, “Eh…. Wha-?” But he was interrupted by Sanya’s fist connecting with his face. With a loud ‘crack’ (AL: think of mortal combat with the bone crunching…. like that) He flew away in a nice arc, accompanied by that sound.

Feeling refreshed, Sanya thanks me,”Noel, thank you. I feel much better with this ending.”

With an awkward smile, I congratulated her, “Good for you, Sanya. Your practice paid off.” Actually, I was asked by Sanya to train her. As expected of the daughter of a General, despite being a girl. She learned and grew strong quickly.

Stella, seeing Cain being sent flying, was trembling.

Directing my gaze to her, I ask, “Well then, I seem to recall you have wrote a letter like “Only have brain for fighting” about someone, right?”

Not knowing what to say, Stella stutters, “T-that is……”

Not giving her a chance, I continued, “I frequently played at your house when we were little and thought of you all as my family, ……..Honestly, I was shocked. I apparently was the only one who thought we were friends, but none thought that way. Can you guess the feelings I had at that time?”

Prostrating, Stella started begging, “P-please forgive me! I….. Was getting carried away! I was being pampered from everyone, and I completely forgot about the village! If possible,please, let me restart…. From the beginning! No, let’s start over from zero!” Having said that, she starts crying.

Shaking my head, feeling nothing from the tears, I respond, “No, if you want to start over, start from minus. And it’s not me that decides that. But, if your words are true, I think we can start over.”

Sniffling, Stella murmurs again, “I’m really……sorry……”

After that, Stella gets guided into the carriage. Cain was unconscious, so the soldiers dragged him inside the carriage, and then it left.

Standing beside me, Sanya asks, “I wonder what will happen to them from now on?”

Looking at her, I replied, “They’re going to walk on a thorny path”

But, if I believe in Stella words, then I want to believe that they can start over.

At a later date, Cain went to the mine for deportation and forced labor, and Stella seems to be re-educated at a facility in the Holy Kingdom.



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  1. This is not accurate, raws: 元勇者、けじめをつける

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  1. Some corrections..
    And what appeared from the shadow of the tree is……. (tree or three??)

    “……Alright. I’ll I do owe you at least that much. Go on, do it with all your strength.” (I do owe….)

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