EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 52


Intermission: Post-processing

Afterwards, the sins of the royal family and nobles were announced to the people. Naturally, the people were furious that they had been deceived.

Afterwards, the nobles were Tried by the army to clarify their sins. Of course, some argued that there was no evidence of the allegations. Then it was revealed that the proof was actually obtained the day before the coup by the army negotiating with some ministers and giving out pardons to those that talked.

The exposed nobles were put on trial, after being convicted guilty, their status revoked, property and territory seized, some were even put into slavery as punishment. But all of them were kicked out of the royal capital, and became commoners, each of them receiving their disposal. One thing for certain, all of them were treated coldly by everyone they met.

A few days later, a carriage was climbing a mountain path. One passenger asks, “Where are we heading…..?” Ad the other responds, “I don’t know…..”

Inside it was Cain and Stella. They lived imprisoned, but for some reason they were taken out and put on a carriage. Wondering what will happen to them, they were trembling in fear.

Then the carriage suddenly stopped. The soldier driving the carriage then growled out, “Get off”Doing as instructed, Cain and Stella stepped down from the carriage.

A man appeared in front of them when they turned around, with an awkward expression, he waves. “Yoo, long time no see.”

“Y-you are…..!”


“Just so you know, I’m not a ghost. My legs are properly here”

That’s right, he is Noel Veigel.



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