EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 51


Intermission: Goddess Advent

A commotion erupts with the sudden appearance of Athena. “W-why the Goddess herself!?”

Looking down on Metanor with a cold gaze, Athena states, “I can’t keep silent looking at your stupid actions,Fool King, Metanor”

Continuing, Athena’s voice getting colder with each word, “Only the Brave can defeat the Demon King. Your role is to support the Brave. However, you betrayed your role and betrayed the Brave, attempting to steal his valor, credit, and even his life. Is that supposed to be the action of one who leads his people? Let alone a nation?”

“Uugh……!” Metanor had no words to argue against Athena’s biting remarks. Not relenting, Athena points at Metanor, “I have no intentions to intervene in problem between humans, but only this time, I will punish Metanor, the culprit”

Shocked, Metanor stammers, “Wha……..!? Why me!?” Athena answers with a tone of ridicule, “My friend, Quant, was driven out just because of your jealousy, and not only that, you even tried to kill his son, the Brave Noel!”

Trying to deny it, Metanor lies, “I-I don’t know about that!! I don’t know such person!”

But to his surprise, he hears someone expose him, “…….No, surely you have spoken about uncle Quant’s name” Shocked, he turns to see the person, “Stella!?” Seeing as she has everybody’s attention, she continues, “I heard it from Cain, ‘The Brave’s father and my father had a connection. It’s my role as a son to break that connection’ ,is what he said.”

Trying to stop her, Cain yells out, “Stella!? What are you talking about!?”

Shaking her head, Stella responds, “Cain, it’s all over. We made a mistake.” Turning towards Athena, she lifts her head up to look her in the eyes, “I will accept the punishment.”

Having heard from Stella, Athena asks Metanor, “Now then, have you made your resolve, Fool King?”

Still unwilling, Metanor cries out, “P-please wait…… I-I’m……!” Only to be interrupted by Athena’s steady voice, ” Fool King of Levania, I will carry out your divine punishment.” The moment she said that, blue flames burst from every orifice of Metanor’s body.

Feeling the heat, He writhes on the ground, “Gyaaaaaaa!!!! Hot hot hot!!!! Anyone!! Help meeee!!!!” Metanor, whose whole body covered in fire, is rolling like a daruma1.

For some reason, the fire didn’t spread and only continued to burn Metanor’s body.

Thus, with a twitch, the body stop moving after a couple seconds, becoming charcoal and then turned to ash. Athena then took out an urn and an unknown gust of wind gathered the ashes into a ball, and then put them in the urn.

After closing the urn, Athena looks around, “Metanor’s soul will never be reborn a second time. And for you all, you can still reincarnate after your death, but a harsh life will await you due to what you have done in this life.” And with that, Athena disappeared.

“Now, the nobles, you all are suspected of fraud and conspire with the royal family. From now on, we will interrogate you and find out your sins.”

Having seen Metanor’s brutal death, none of them voicing their refusal.

T/N: Crown


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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daruma_doll

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  1. Sometimes the King name is Changed.. Metanor to Meatanor and now Methanol..
    But thanks for your wonderful job..

  2. Is it weird that the goddess didn’t do the same to cain because cain was also a pretty big perpetrator in the ordeal.

    Honestly, the warrior guys death and punishment was way more scarier and gruesome than what’s going on with this.

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