EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 50


Intermission: Judgement


The place where Metanor and Cain were dragged to is the reception hall, they were held with the other detained nobles and ministers, who were all bound with rope. of course, Stella was brought there, but she was only wearing her night gown

Scared, Stella asks, “Cain, what’s the meaning of this?”

Just as scared, but trying to put on a brave face, “I don’t understand either……, how did it come to this……”

As the confusion spread, General Gash arrived. upon seeing him, a soldier announced,  “General! All the listed captures are finished!”

Nodding, General Gash uttered in a firm tone “IF that’s the case, then I will now give judgement!”

Immediately, a noble protested,  “Wait a minute!? We haven’t done anything wrong!?” After hearing that, another chimed in, “Do you think its okay for lowly soldiers to oppose nobles!?” After those two statements, many other nobles start raising their voices in protest,

Annoyed by the yelling, General Gash, bellows, “Silence, You noisy criminals, I already know all your sins! ……For this cleansing, the King of Schvia, King Salius has come to serve as witness”

Dumbfounded, a noble repeats, “Wha! Salius you say!?” Right at that moment, Salius came in through the door. Upon seeing him, Metanor angrily yells, “So it’s you, you bastard!? The one who planned this coup from the shadows!?”

Sighing and shaking his head, Salius replies,”Metanor, I didn’t cause this you know. But there are things I can’t ignore…… especially if I’s about the Brave” Hearing that sentence, Cain twitched.

Trying to play it off, Metanor replies cooly, “The Brave? The Brave is my son, Cain! Who else is there!?”

Smiling, Salius replies, “Really? That’s strange, the only Brave the God has acknowledge is Noel Veigel” After that named was spoken, Stella started shaking.

Leaning towards Meatanor, “King Metanor, by your own authority,  did you order the members of the Brave party to kill Noel after killing the Demon King? And then, give Noels achievement of defeating the Demon King, to your son Cain?”

In one last attempt to argue, Metanor denies, “You’re wrong!! I haven’t given such an order, and in the first place, I don’t know anyone named Noel!”

Salius sighs, “King Metanor, We have evidence and testimony to prove it. Once brought out, it will be your end”

All 3 gulping, Metanor then asks, “What Evidence!?” Salius then turns to a random soldier. “Please bring the Holy Sword.” Quickly hurrying out of the room, and quickly returning, the soldier approaches King Salius with the Holy Sword.

Brandishing the Holy Sword, images appear above their heads, “As you can see, the memory left in this holy sword was visualized by my kingdom’s magicians. It’s like this” The fierce battle between Noel and the Demon King started to show, going through the entire battle, then after he defeated the Demon King, he saw that he had been left behind by his supposed companions and Noel’s scream disappeared with the rubble.

Hearing the scream, Stella’s trembling picks up even more.

After the last of the images disappear, Salius announces, “As you can see, Noel is the true Brave, and Cain is a fake one.” At that point, Cain and the nobles are very nervous.

Anxiously, Cain cries out, “W-wait! Such image is surely forged!”

Suddenly an unknown voice is heard….. (Ehh? Are you saying that what This Me saw is a lie?) After hearing that, a silence pervaded the room as everyone looked around confused.

Suddenly light emanates from the Holy Sword and spreads to a different spot, then turns into the shape of a human.Then as the light subsided. it reveals the form of a women with long blonde hair and a cane.

Shaking her head, she looks at Cain “Geez……., you really are a stupid human”

Shocked, Cain sputters, “N-N-No way… Y-You are……., no way”

Nodding, The Women states”Ai, I am the goddess, [Athena]1 who manages this world, and I am the one who nominated the Brave Noel” After that statement, silence fell again on the room, For who would have thought that the Goddess herself would descend over this?


T/N: Crown


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  1. Yes, who would have thought that the Goddess herself would descend to punish the people who betrayed the Hero she picked personally?

  2. Finally!!

    And let me just say, this was a long time coming… And I hope the payoff be as gratifying as I imagine it

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