EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 5

Here’s another one for the good rating πŸ™‚


EX-Brave Explores the Forest


There is a large forest near the village.


When I was little, I thought of it as a playground and ofter run around inside it.1


β€œThis one I can eat”


I go into the forest and pick some wild plants and mushrooms.


It’s been so long since people entered so the forest is abundant with food.


β€œIt seems that I won’t be troubled with ingredients for a while”


I smiled a little.


Afterward, I find a fruit that ripe and ready to pick.


β€œUn, delicious!”


Its juicy and has a bittersweet taste.2


I remember climbing up a tree and eating it when I was little.


I also played β€œBrave pretend” with Stella when we were little….. Like I thought, humans do change.


Somehow it became painful3 I’m going to cry it this goes on, so let’s change the mood.


β€œNow that I think of it, I had never been to the inner part. Why don’t I go there and take a little look”


I decided to go to the inner part of the forest.

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  1. ε°γ•γ„ι ƒγ―ιŠγ³ε ΄γ¨γ—γ¦γ‚ˆγι§†γ‘ε›žγ£γ¦γ„γŸγ€‚
  2. γΏγšγΏγšγ—γ„γ—γ€η”˜ι…Έγ£γ±γ„γ€‚
  3. δ½•γ‹εˆ‡γͺくγͺγ£γ¦γγŸγ€‚

4 Replies to “EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 5”

  1. Interested in it but not a huge fan of the authors definition of “chapter” looks like the first 6-7 chapters will finish what’s usually in the prologue.

    1. Can’t be helped, in the author’s syosetu page he limited this novel to 1k character or under per chapter. Idk why he does that, he doesn’t explain why.

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