EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 49


Intermission: Coup Day (T/N: Or “Uprising Day”?)

On the day of the coronation and the wedding, the royal palace was in confusion right away in the morning.

First, Stella was mentally unstable and muttering to herself, “Baby……, baby……..” in a daze, her crying eyes stare blankly at nothing, but seemingly on something heart wrenching , she was not in a state where she could appear in public. Not knowing the reason, Cain tried asking what was wrong, but she was too unstable to listen

For the time being, only the coronation is to be held, the marriage will only be announced and will be done at a later date.

In addition to the bad news, Millet and Cammy disappeared. No letter was left, he tried to track down the two that disappeared but had no luck in finding them.

Stressed, Metanor complained, “Why today of all days, wasn’t today supposed to bring happiness?!” Hurrying to calm down his father, Cain reminds him, “Please calm down Father! You can’t show that you are upset to people”

Taking a deep breath, Metanor realizes someone is missing, “That’s right……., has Stella calmed down?”

Concerned, Cain shakes his head, “She’s sleeping right now. She was normal yesterday but suddenly is like this…..”

Tired and weary, Metanor sighs, “Anyway, despite whats happening,  this coronation must go well” As if to prove his point, fireworks are launched outside.

Seeing the fireworks, Metanor muses, “Look at that, it’s like they’re welcoming you as their new king”

However, a loud noise soon interrupts their revelry, “BAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!”

Suddenly, the whole castle shook with the loud noise.

Confused, Cain looks around, “Nah, what’s that!?”

a concerned Metanor responds, “Thar was the sound of a cannon……”

Soon, soldiers came in flustered, one of them called out, “Please excuse me! An army led by General Gash has attacked!”

Shocked and angry, Metanor roars, “What’d you say!? Suppress them immediately!!”

Awkwardly, the knight explains, “That is……, most soldiers of the army are participating…….”

Angry, Cain spits out, “Do such idiots actually exist!? I am the Brave and the soon to be King of this country!! They should feel honored, there should be no reason for them to rebel!!”

Another soldier came. “Please excuse me. The army that caused the coup entered the house of every noble and detained them!!”

Shocked, Metanor stutters, “W-why such a thing……” His head couldn’t handle the reality of this worst case scenario.

Soon, more soldiers with weapons came. “King Metanor, Prince Cain, would you please accompany us. This castle has already been suppressed by us” With that, the soldiers dragged both of them with them as they left.

On that day, it marked the fall of Levania Castle.


T/N: Crown


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