EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 48


Intermission: The Gathering of the Rebellion

The day before the coronation and wedding, the soldiers participating in the coup gathered in the military warehouse.

General Gash was standing on a platform, after clearing his throat, he started to give his speech,  “Liten up men! Right now, this kingdom is at a major crossroad! Royals and nobles only think about their own interest and impose heavy taxes on their people to fund it! We must not overlook this!”

In agreement, the soldiers cried out””That’s right!!””

“On top of that, the royal family who took the credit from the Brave who defeated the Demon King and gave it to that useless prince! It’s not an exaggeration to say that they have bought Gods wrath upon themselves! By such an act, we must not allow the royals to keep control of the kingdom! Let’s take our weapons and eliminate the royal family, and lead this kingdom to the right path!”

Louder this time, the soldiers hollered, “”That’s right!!””

His voice turning grim, General Gash continues, “Even on the chance it fails, I will bear all the responsibility! So i ask you, entrust your lives to me!”

Without any hesitation, the soldiers salute, “Of course, General! The scourge must be wiped from the kingdom!”

“One soldier then loudly declared, “Our life is in General’s hands and we have zero regret for following you!!”

Moved, a teary eyed General roars out, “It is and always will be an honor to have subordinates like you all, I swear to you, i will give my all that victory will be ours!!”

Fired up, the Soldiers give a war cry,””HHUUUUOOOOHHHHH!!”” Their voices shaking the building. Later, Garzas was explaining to his subordinates while handing out lists and portraits of nobles favored by the royal family.

“We will hit the squares guards when the signal cannon shot is fired. Guide the civilians in the open to a safe place. And then….. Restrain the nobles as soon as you find them. Do not harm them if you can, we will reveal their sins in a trial”

One of them nodded, “Understood. These guys took advantage of all of us, now’s our time to get revenge!”

Nodding, Garzas agrees, “Yes yes, just don’t overdo it”

As if realizing something, the same soldier asks “Captain, what will you do after this is over?”

Thinking about it allowed, Garzas replies,  “Well, I’ll probably be disinherited by my parents’ house and I will return to being a carefree adventurer….. But it would’t be bad to go to live in countryside and plow the fields”

After hearing that, a soldier asks, “Are you thinking about being like Noel?”

With an amused laugh, Garzas says, “That man…. whether he was an adventurer or Brave, he was always lively. Because of those titles and positions, he had to deal with alot of pressure until now. And after being released, he is finally having fun now. That’s why, I want Noel to to be bystander without participating in this plan.”

That is the intention of his friend, Garzas, and also General Gash. They also know that the one to correct and defend their kingdom is none other then themselves.

With a strong sense of determination, they believe that their actions will show their determination.

The end of tomorrow will be clear.


T/N: Crown


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