EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 47


Intermission: The Fake Saint

Stella Millard was Noel’s childhood friend, and as the daughter of the head of Hanoi village, she grew up in a wealthy environment. However, her parents who had a lot of ambition, didn’t intend to stay in this small, poor village.

They decided to use the beautiful, but innocent Stella as their tool for realizing their ambitions, and sent her to a school in the royal capital to gain connections with the nobles. After being surrounded by the sons of nobles, she was slowly tainted and corrupted. After a while, she became similar to her parents in the way of greed and ambition, using her beauty to her advantage.

And the one that caught by that beauty was none other than Cain, after giving her various presents, he gains her affection. During which, she became anointed as a Saint.

After which, she reunited with Noel, but for the current Stella, Noel was just a childhood friend and an annoying reminder of the past that she wanted to forget and hide. With those feelings, she agreed to Cains plan, succeeding in defeating the Demon King as a brave party, the marriage proposal from Cain, accepting it, and announcing their engagement.

After that, she was to be educated and later reign as the queen of the country at the coronation and wedding ceremony. Her future was bright….. But it suddenly took a turn for the worse.

The truth about Gudard was revealed…… As a member of the brave party, he disappeared, and then the scandal that had taken place in the past and at the time of the party’s activity was discovered and that changed the celebratory atmosphere of the kingdom, leading towards the increased distrust of the royal family and the Brave party. As the (former) Saint and bride to be, she naturally took a big part of the animosity.

Stella was soon interviewed by an investigator of (dead) Gudard and his (also dead) companions, when asked, she firmly denied any knowledge of the act or situation, “It has nothing to do with me and I do not know about it.”

However, that would directly deny the story that the brave party members set for themselves, which was that they worked together to defeat the Demon King. She was unaware that she was stepping on a slippery slope, with no way back.

“Haa…….” ,Sighing to herself at nothing going as planned, she was melancholy just before the wedding.With the growing tension of the people and their distrust of the royalty recently, it was hard for Stella to deal with.

As if to comfort herself, she muttered, “It’s okay, I’m sure people will celebrate and congratulate us tomorrow. It’s the wedding of the Brave and the Saint, you know…..? Isn’t that the best couple…….”

Suddenly she hears a voice behind her, “I wonder about that?”

Shocked at the unexpected voice, she turns around”Ha!? W-who is it!?”

With a smirk, Mirage asks, “Who you say, did you already forgot your own employer?”

Stella, as if not believing her eyes, “Eh……., ah, You are……”

With a stern face, Mirage interrupts her, “Saint King Mirage, and I have come to dismiss you from your station as Saint”

Stupefied, Stella stammers, “D-dismissal……?” Still confused by the sudden appearance of Mirage, and now her current statement.

With an edge to her voice, Mirage continued through Stella’s shock, “Stella Millard,by my authority and judgement, your status as a Saint will be revoked, and I shall take back your power”

Trying to defend herself, Stella tries to put on a brave face, “W-what are you saying!? I have defeated the Demon King as a Saint!!”

With a snort, Mirage adds, “But, you betrayed the Brave Noel. Did you think I wouldn’t find out, is that what you were counting on?” After hearing that, Stella fell on the spot, and her legs froze from Mirage’s cold gaze.

Not stopping, Mirage continues, “Moreover, a Saint shouldn’t marry. Its the Saints duty to pray and dedicate herself for the peace of the world. But, you abandoned and broke your oath.”

Trying to find a way out, Stella stammers, “S-such a thing, I haven’t heard of……..” Mirage cuts off Stella before she could finish her sentence, “You have been told and sworn in by me during your inauguration. Before I even finished explaining, you stopped listening”

after thinking about it, Stella did remember she went to the Holy Land only once, and was to be recognized as a Saint and meet Mirage….. At that time, Mirage covered her face with a sacrament. She made it a point to share a part of her knowledge as a Saint, and detail the mission to defeat the Demon King. During which, Stella didn’t pay attention.

shaking her head, and as if blaming herself, she states, “At that time, I should have refused to anoint you and revoke your status. It is currently fault that I couldn’t see through your personality.”

Unsure what to say, Stella, apologizes, “I-I am very sorry…….”

Mirage shakes her head and sighs, “It won’t end with a simple apology, you know. You have betrayed the Brave chosen by God. It is the same as picking a fight with God. That’s why, you have to atone.” With those words, she snaps her fingers. With a feeling of getting weaker, Stella feels her strength sapping away,

Not yet finished, she grimly states, “And then, I will take this girl.”

Put off by Mirages unexpected statement, “Eh……..?” She sees what looks like an embryo, wrapped in a blanket in Mirages arms. And with another flash of light, the embryo grows into a healthy baby.

At that time, Stella notice that her abdomen has an empty feeling to it. Finally, the situation dawned on her as she stared at the baby, “T-that child is my……”

With a forced neutral expression, Mirage replies, “That’s right, she is your girl, Saint are prohibited from sexual activity. That’s why, this child must be raised and kept in a appropriate, and safe place.” (T/N: Here, Mirage said girl or Onnanoko “女の子” not daughter or Musume “娘”)

Now panicking, Stella reaches out her hands from the floor to Mirage, “Re-return her! Return my baby!”

With steel in her voice, Mirage refuses, “You must accept your punishment. First, if you must change your ways, if you don’t, you will never see this child again.” After saying that, Mirage disappeared.

“U-Uwaaaaaaan!!” Stella cried, feeling a new loss she never felt before.

By the way, the safe place that Mirage mention is with Noel, Mirage simply told him, “Take care of this child♪” to the dumbfounded Noel, but it is another story.

T/N: Crown


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  1. Hmm…
    So, is the girl the child of Cain?
    Or the brave?

    If it is not brave’s, why giving him the trouble to raise that girl.
    (. ¬ ¬)

    1. The baby is the child of Cain, the stupid prince, and Stella, the ex-Saint.

      The child was given to Noel, because as Mirage said:
      “You must accept your punishment. First, if you must change your ways, if you don’t, you will never see this child again.”
      Likely refering to apologizing to Noel for what she did, and never fall in love again.

    1. not exactly they never weren is a relationship, they were just childhoot friends event if noel have feeling for her she never look ack hin in that way and this about Noel rissing her child is a good punishment for her.

  2. Ayy Thanks for the chapter as always. Slight typo i saw.
    by my authority adn judgement, your status as a Saint will be revoked.
    Mixed up the n and the d in and.

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