EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 46


Intermission: The Upset People


King of Levania, Metanor Levania was holding his head in his room, as if lamenting to himself. Currently he was upset over Gudards scandal being discovered….. One day before the coronation and wedding ceremony is to be held,  “For it to be exposed at this timing….!!”

The royal family knew about it, but they never could have guessed that it was a crime. Thinking back on it, he remembers that only the general was against it, and when asked, “That guys isn’t fit to be in the brave party, because he has a problem with his private life and decisions……”

Metanor sighs, “Why didn’t I listen to him at that time?…… Oh well, even if I regret it now, it’s already too late.” He was currently thinking of postponing the coronation ceremony, but the invitations have already been sent. He was debating on postponing the coronation, but the hit to the kingdoms reputation for it being the day before it was supposed to happen….. It would definitely be ruined….

Nevertheless, even if it is carried out while the public’s support is declining, public dissatisfaction may rise and the worse case scenario, the royal family would be destroyed. He definitely wants to avoid that at all costs, but despite his best efforts….. He couldn’t think of a way out of this mess.

As he was deep in thought, heard someone call out, “Father!” Looking up, he saw it was Cain who opened the door and came in. With a dissatisfied face, he asks,  “Can’t you please do something? If it’s like this, I won’t be able to give Stella a happy wedding!”

Annoyed,  Metanor spat back at his whining son,”You know that there isn’t anything I could do about this, right? From tomorrow on, you will be the king, AND the one that will lead this kingdom. In this situation, there is no way out, you have no choice but for you to take the throne.”

Shocked and angry, Cain yells back, “Such a thing! Then, that means you are pushing the blame of appointing Gudard on me, isn’t it?”

Upset at being yelled at, Metanor cries out, “You are the Brave and King! If you can’t endure this much pressure, it will be impossible for you to become King!”

Not backing down, Cain points at his father, “Why are you saying it like was someone elses fault?! In the first place, wasn’t it you that said something about the Brave?”

Now furious, Metanor bites back, “That is because you were complaining ‘I am the only one that deserve to be the Brave!’ And that is why I gave the church money and made you a Brave!”

The appearance of the parent and child arguing was nothing more than an shameful sight.


T/N: Crown


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    1. how the hell that spoiled brat become the king? why not meake another child and desineren this shameful excuse of noble?

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