EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 45


EX-Brave Lets Out Bitter Laugh

The case of the warrior, Gudard, is widely covered in the newspaper.

From the devastation of the mansion, most people went with “Isn’t it the work of the remnants of the Demon King?” rumor. The next day, a case about before and after Gudard joined the Brave party,  and his actions towards a helpless woman.

Apparently, he was doing it in a place I didn’t know.

“Well, the one who leaked it out was me” Looking over, I see that the one that said it was my former party member, Aina, “How merciless” I replied.

With disgust, she replied”I’m a woman too you know. He was boasting ‘The woman in that village felt good’ is what he kept spouting. Disgusting”

“But, thanks to that, the public opinion has changed, and the distrust towards the royal family has increased” Garzas tell us about the situation of the royal capital. “That’s because public opinion is easily swayed by rumors and actions. They change their attitude with the slightest hint. Luckily, I want them to be swung around by us”

As if in deep thought, Garzas comments, “I didn’t even know that this would happen……. But, it will be convenient for us. Ah,and the coronation will be the day after tomorrow which will be impossible to get rid of the rumor by then, and there’s a just cause here too”

The Prince can either take responsibility as a Hero or confess that he’s a fake Brave.

Either way, Levania royalty is already cornered from all directions.

Well, I’ll only observe what will happen , because I’m just an Ex-Brave right now.


ED: Alariek


Hey guys, as I’m sure people have noticed in these last 5 chapters, but I am the new editor for Untrained Translations.I go by either AL or Alariek. I’m a bit rusty for editing, but I’m glad Crown gave me this opportunity to get my mojo back. I’ll be editing the 3 series we currently do. As I work alot, the past chapters will be slowly translated since the new ones have priority. Overall, Hope we all get along. Btw, if i miss anything or if it looks weird, feel free to leave as comment.

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  1. Lol I’m just an ex hero. Right… he just wants a peaceful life without running around saving people. With his ex companions either joining him or getting there just reward by those around him. Moral of the story. Don’t mess with God

    1. Actually i´m interested in why that pleaplo try to going again the more powerfull beings in his wold???

  2. Welcome and thank you for the wonderful translation..
    Hopefully this series can continue and constantly updated by 3 days duration..

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