EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 44

This chapter is really long. The author was saying that he wouldn’t write more than 1k character per chapter, but this one is 3k long. Either he forgot, or he didn’t want to cut this chapter in parts. Anyways, enjoy this long chapter~

A/N: This chapter contains cruel depictions…..maybe. So if you are not good with it, you shouldn’t read this.

Intermission: The End of The Warrior (Cruel Depictions)

Gudard Kaffan had a dream. Coming from a poor house, he had a strong desire to rise in rank and said to his friend “Someday, I’ll get status, honor, money, and a woman!” is what he always declared.

After growing up, Gudard joined the knights and fight for the kingdom as a soldier.

But, he had a bad habit. In a word, he is a pretty “Womanizer”. And yelled at constantly by General Gash for his habits. However, he never learned from his mistakes.

Then, a chance came to him. He was chosen as a member of the Brave party. He was dissatisfied not being chosen as the Brave, but it was his greatest chance.

He also joined the plan by the king to take Noel’s credit and give the name of the Brave to Prince Cain.

He succeeded in defeating the Demon King, and was rewarded with a fine house in the royal capital, and promised the position of a future military executive. In addition, he employed several of his favorite women as maids in his house, who gave him ‘Night Service’ every night.

With the backing of Prince Cain, the future King, he was no longer bothered by General Gash and it was smooth sailing.

One day, a former friend came to meet Gudard. Looking around, he said.”Long time no see. I heard a rumor that you have raised in rank and it seems to be true”

Laughing Gudard replied, “That’s right, that’s right! I look like a winner, right? My life, looks like it’s full of flowers right?”

With a impassive expression, he responded, “Yeah. By the way, do you remember [Ann]?” With a thinking expression, Gudard replied, “Ann….. If I’m not wrong, she is just a plain woman that lives in the neighborhood? Did something happen to her?”

With a Heavy expression, his friend replied, “…….She committed suicide”

Shocked, Gudard exclaimed “…….Ha?”

Friend:”She was found hanging in her house. There was also a will found, and what written there was about you” Shocked, Gudard replied, “Haaah!? Why my name is written there!?”

Shrugging, the friend continued “I don’t know the details, but it looks like she had a grudge against you. You, what did you do to her?”

“There’s no way I would know!? That plain woman, even if you ask me……”

At that moment, he remembered. Before he joined the army, he attacked Anne with his friends, just to play around with her…….

As if not seeing how his words are affecting Gudard, he continues”…….And you know, those guys who were hanging with you, recently? They went suddenly missing  one day”

With a gulp, Gudard wheezed “M-missing……”

With one last glance before leaving, his friend looks at him “Well, I think it was only a coincidence, but be careful”

Gudard could only nod since his head was full of Ann… Not her death, but what would happen if it became known to the rest of the kingdom….. He would lose everything.

Thinking to himself, “It will be the end of me if it were known. I have to do something to destroy the evidence……”

He can feel cold sweat soaking his body, the previous floating feeling long gone.

Suddenly, a maid comes in with a, “Excuse Me, Master.” Surprised, he stumbles a response, “Ha!? W-what? What do you want?” Without pausing, the maid answers, “I’m here to change the sheets.” Like that, the maid started to change the bed sheets.

He can’t see her face, but she has a good body. Upon seeing that, Gudard thinks to himself. “Let’s do something fun to improve my mood” thinking like that, Gudard approached the maid and placed his hand on her butt.

Shocked, the Maid squeaks, “Hiyah!” Enjoying her reaction, he whispered into her ear, “Hee, it has a nice feel to it. I really like it.”

“W-what is…….” The maid answer weakly.

“I feel like I need a company tonight. You understand, right?” Feeling dominant Gudard said while grinning.

With a giggle, the maid replied “…….Ee, I understand. I feel like I want to push you down tonight…. to hell that is.”

Frozen by the unexpected statement, Gudard asks”Haa, what are you saying…..?” At that moment, he saw the maid’s face for the first time. And with a face full of fear he gasps. “Y-you are……”

“That’s right,Gudard. It’s me [Ann]. Long time no see.” She said with a wicked grin, “I came to pay you back for that nigh, with interest.” Then the “maid”, changed her appearance to a demon with a horn on her head, glowing silver eyes, fanged teeth and long nails. Her former maid outfit now morphed into a skimpy one-piece.

Shocked by the sudden change Gudard panickingly asked “W-what are you!? That appearance!? Aren’t you supposed to be dead!?”

Chuckling, Ana replied “Ee, I already died you know. I had a grudge against you guys, and the Evil God seemed to liked it. The me right now is the creation of the Evil God”

“Then, it is the doing of an Evil God!?” After hearing that, Gudard lunges for the sword on the wall, points it at the now demonized Ann, “Don’t fuck with me, I have already defeated the Demon King, I have no reason to be afraid of you!!” After saying that piece, he lunges with sword in hand toward Ann,

However, she easily avoided it and caught his arm with a fiery grip, after a second, the sound of burning meat was heard.

Screaming from the pain, Gudard tries to wrench his arm free, but to no avail, “Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Hot hot hot hot hot hot!!!!” (ED: think of a piece of meat on a frying pan”

Laughing, Ann asks,”How does it feel? you can no longer wield a sword with that arm….. how does it feel knowing you can’t live a normal life anymore?” After saying that, Ann then approaches his face.

Gudard involuntarily turns his head to try to get away from her, but she leans close to his neck despite his efforts. Opening her mouth wide, she bites into his neck.

*Chomp*       *Crunch*

Wrenching in pain, Gudard wails even louder, “Gyaaaaaaaaaa!!!! It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts!!!!”

Licking her lips, Ann giggles”Fufufufu, all your flesh and blood are mine. I will take it all, piece by piece.” After that, she proceeded to twist and pull his arm off. (ED: think of taking a chicken wing off the chicken)

Gudard, feeling immense pain and in a vain attempt to find help, yells”So-someone, S-swafe mwe…….”

Marveling at her handywork over the arm in her hand, she glances at Gudard as if in after thought “Oh, right….I forgot to tell you, I already had fun with the maids, and this mansion is also now under the control of the Evil God” And with that, Ann threw Gudard on the bed.

Falling weakly, his vision is getting blurry with the loss of blood from his gushing shoulder…. he knows he’s already close to deaths door.

Smiling at the weak Gudard, Ann  says,”Then, I’ll drag you down to the underworld with me. Your friends already went ahead” With his consciousness is dimming, Gudard’s body sinks into the bed…. Looking over, he see’s his arm and feet are being grabbed and pulled by hands that are coming out from under the bed, surrounding his vision.

Gudard, with no strength to resist, was thinking of how it all comes to this. Is it because I have a dream that didn’t fit my status?

Is it because I play with a woman’s heart without knowing anything about them?

Is it because I lost to the temptation of Prince Cain and betray the Brave?

Almost as if it was unimportant, Ann then says”Aa, I forgot to say this too, but Noel who you abandoned to die, is still alive”

Being hit by realization, Gudard now understands, ” ……..Aa, so that’s why. I bought the God’s wrath by betraying the Brave that was chosen by God.”

Finally, after realizing his sins and running out of strength to stay conscious, everything fades to black, with a feeling of regret.

The next day, a subordinate who was worried that Gudard didn’t show up for his shift and came to his house, and was scared by what he found. There were no maids, but in their place, the walls were stained all over with blood. When he reached Gudard’s room, there was blood everywhere… But the most frightening thing, was that on the bed, was blood in the shape of a human.

An investigation was conducted, but the truth was never discovered. In the later years, the mansion would be called “Cursed House” and no one dared to get close, let alone move in.

It is said that a cry of regret can be heard when someone passes nearby……

T/N: Crown


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