EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 43


EX-Brave By The Extent of Saint King’s Acquaintance


“Speaking of which, you said that you bought souvenirs……” Looking around, I couldn’t see any of it and Mirage is not holding anything, Schwartz didn’t bring anything either.

“Ah, I already sent it on my ship. That girl does not like to be kept waiting”

Confused, I ask,”That girl?”

“That’s right, that girl. [Menalty]1, never heard of her?” Shaking my head, I reply, “No, never heard of her…….” Schwartz also shook his head.

However, only Sara is different. “If I’m not wrong…….it was the name of an [Evil God]……. I have heard that she was the one that created demon kin”

Nodding, mirage agrees, “That’s right, that Evil God. Right now, we live together.”


The air solidifies for a moment, a few seconds later, a loud yell of confusion echoed throughout the village. A few minutes after the scream, we decided to listen to Mirage.

Mirage then started to explain,”When we were developing the land, Cloud suddenly came and brought a child with him saying ‘I found a local child”. I immediately felt the aura and realized that the child is an Evil God and landed a punch to Cloud’s face on reflex.”

Continuing with a pained smile, she added.”When asked, Cloud apparently found ruins deep in the woods and went inside and carelessly opened the seal” (ED: you know, apocalypse before dinner adds exercise)

No, it is not at the level of careless….. not being able to suppress a shudder I ask, “Then, won’t the  influence of the Evil God spread out?”

“Well, if that happens the world would likely be destroyed, but there is no problem for now”

If there’s a problem, it will turn out to be a serious one.

“That’s because, that girl is troublesome when inside a shop and lazy. The reason why she created demons was that it was considered too bothersome for her to move”

Surprised, I exclaimed,”What is that!?”

With a troubled smile, Mirage states,”Still, she loves sweets, and this time too, she asked for sweets as a souvenir when I was about to head out. Well, she will give her cooperation”

Not believing what I heard, “Cooperation?”

With a serious face, Mirage nods “It’s the sanctions of Levania. There is a warrior that was in your party, right? That is, it looks like she is holding a grudge against him”

Gudard? Well, he likes to play with women, I wonder if he made her cry somewhere. Thinking about it that way, its possible.

As if seeing my thoughts, Mirage explains, “A soul that died with strong hatred, anger, or a grudge will turn into demons and grudges(curses), and Menalty is the one that puts them together. The spirit with a strong grudge against the warrior was apparently his childhood friend”

Curious, I asked,”Then what will happen to Gudard?”

“He will be sent to the Underworld.2 He will suffer even after he becomes a soul”

…….I somehow felt sorry for him, just a little though.

T/N: Crown


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  1. Ugh, it sounds weird. Any suggestions? [メナルティ](Menaluti)
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