EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 42


EX-Brave Knows How Frightening The Saint King is


“By the way Schwartz, you look exhausted, did something happen?” I asked Schwartz, who’s wearing a tired expression on his face, not the usual dignified appearance that I always see. With a sigh,  he replied, “A lot happened before we arrived here……”

Mirage then added, “Because it is my first time on the continent after a long time, we went sightseeing and bought souvenirs plus doing surprise inspections. There is no problem in Schvia, but Levania has a lot of problem that it was troubling”

With a bitter face, Schwartz added, “It was so surprising seeing the problem solved in minutes that it tired me out……”

I want to hear about it…. But I felt it was better not to, but the Saint King started talking on her own.

“The Holy Land doesn’t interact with the continent much,  but has set up a church as a branch office to the rest of the world. At first, it was small, but it gradually expanded in size and is now a major force affecting the country…..

The biggest factor that made them a major force is that ‘they can express their opinion freely without needing allegiance to any country in the continent’. Stopping the world when it heads in the wrong direction, that is the original role and purpose of the church.”

With a sigh, Mirage continued, “However, the church in Levania was working with the royal family and the major nobles, and doing whatever they wanted. As you could expect, I couldn’t overlook it so I condemned them in the name of the Saint King. However, young people this days don’t recognize me”(ED: kids these days… no respect for their elders”

Cautiously, I ask, “Ah, so they’re picking a fight?”

Angrily, she stated, “Well, after they saw me, they laughingly said ‘So someone like this is the Saint King?’ I was pointed and laughed at, I was pissed so I struck them with lightning and turned them into charcoal……. With that, everyone in that place had no other options but to surrender”

So she used force………

Nodding, Mirage states with a neutral expression, “As a result, their precious life became a sacrifice and a warning to others……”

Almost like she was gonna cry, she added, “I’m not taking this appearance because I like it! Even I want a nice body too! However, because I became immortal I’m stuck with this appearance so there is nothing I could do about it!!”

…….Yup, I’ll be careful when talking about a females appearance from now on.

T/N: Crown


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