EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 41

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Ex-Brave Meets The Saint King


4 days before the coronation and it feels peaceful as always

Well, with the kingdom influence not reaching here, its normal…. but now it feels like the calm before the storm.

Meanwhile, Schwartz came here with a girl, and he looks exhausted for some reason?

The girl walked up to me, “Are you this generation’s Brave? I am Mirage, one of the previous Brave comrades. Most people know me as Saint King”. She had mysterious purple eyes and long silver hair. From her looks, she looks like a teenager, but her atmosphere isn’t ordinary.

“I-is Lord Saint King that’s the King of Holy Kingdom?”

“That’s right”

Um, why do you admit it so easily…….

Rather than that, “Can the Saint King leave the Holy Land?” I ask.

“Well, Even though it is called Holy Land, it is no different than confinement.” Surprised, I ask, “Confinement? Even though it was for the Brave that defeated the Demon King?”

“It is because we defeated the Demon King. ‘Defeating the Demon King = has the same power as the Demon King’ is what the Kingdom Officials was thinking at that time. “That’s why we, the brave party, were pushed to the island in the name of giving us a medal. At first, it was an unexplored island. However, [Cloud]1, the previous Brave, was trying to make the best of it by saying, ‘Let’s make this island our ideal home’. And we spent decades building the city”

The previous Brave was still being positive even if he was treated badly…. But I do understand his mindset.

“It is a different story but, I was the one that responsible for appointing Stella. Let me apologize for that.” With that, Mirage bows her head.

Surprised and trying to stop her I said, “Lord Saint King doesn’t have to apologize.” Refusing my attempt, she replied with, “No, I was the one that acknowledged Stella as a Saint in the past,so I will take responsibility. Well, she already does not qualify as a saint anymore.”

Confused, I asked, “What do you mean ‘no longer’?”

Responding to my confusion she explained, “Saints aren’t allowed to love or marry,nor are they allowed to desire anything, Their sole duty is to devote themselves to world peace. That’s why, Stella shouldn’t have the power of the Saint anymore.”

“I guess should have explained it properly,” is what Mirage said while smiling bitterly.

That kind of story, I never heard it from Stella.


T/N: Crown


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