EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 4

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EX-Brave Rebuilding His Home


“Now I need to secure a place to live”


My parents’ house is already in tatters, the so-called “ruins”. I have to do something about this situation.


“First is, <Purification Magic>, activate”


I close my eyes and cast the spell.


The dust disappeared in an instant, and the stagnant air turned into fresh air.


“Next is……, <Construction Magic>, activate”


The tattered walls are restored and the floors that full of holes are shiny as new.


“For the time being, only the state of the house has improved”


From the appearance, it looks like an ordinary house. Well, it will still stand out if the surroundings are abandoned buildings.


But I never thought that magic taught by a middle-aged builder that I met while traveling was going to be useful.


No other choice but to thank the old man for this.2 What I need from now on is magic that can be used in everyday life.




“Come to think of it, I’m hungry. What should I do…….”


The closest city is only the Royal Capital, but, I honestly don’t want to go there for now.


“Let’s enter the forest and look for something…..”


I decided to enter the nearby forest and look for food.

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  1. Aina doesn’t learn magic other than for combat, but now that the Demon King has been defeated, combat magic is now useless except for adventurer.1アイナは戦闘以外の魔法は役に立たない、と覚えなかったが、魔王が倒された今では、冒険者以外は戦闘魔法は必要ない。

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