EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 39


EX-Brave Meet the Spirit Princess

Six days before the coronation.

The coup seems to be steadily preparing in the royal capital.

It seems like a different world from the village.

Meanwhile, an old-fashioned carriage came to the village.

From inside it, came Prince Millet and a cute but elegant girl.

“Are you the Brave Noel-sama? My name is Cammy Levania, Princess of Levania kingdom”

She greeted while pulling the hem of her skirts.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Noel Veigel”

“Ah! Cammy-sama!”


Princess Cammy hugged Sanya the moment she sees her.

“It looks like Sanya-anesama looks fine more than anything. I’m really sorry, you have to go through all that because I do not have any power”

“Me too, sorry for suddenly disappearing. Because I was suddenly driven out without being able to say goodbye ”

“Cain-oniisama did such terrible thing!? He did not know just how much hard work Sanya-anesama put in the Queen’s education!”

The girl who felt happy and angry looks just like girls of her age.

“They both seem really close ”

“It is because Cammy is the only daughter, she longed for a big sister figure like lady Sanya ”

“However, you did a good job escaping the castle without being found out”

“Well, we come here with preparations and disguise so we would not be found out. Maybe, they did not even notice that we left. Other nobles and people are starting to flee from the royal capital one after another ”

“It’s spread that much, huh”

“In any case, bad crops and rising prices are affecting the lives of ordianry people. The general public’s dissatisfaction has gradually increased, it was because they had thought that their life would be better after the Demon King was defeated”

“Hasn’t it reach the royal family?”

“That is my job. I have told my father that it is better to improve it, but……”

“He didn’t listen to it, huh. He might think that it’s no longer a problem since the Demon King was defeated”

“That is so……… It is our own responsibility”

T/N: Hey, you guys might realize that I added Japanese suffix in. It really bothered me since the time I start to translate. I try to imitate the other translator that has many readers. And most of them didn’t use Japanese suffix, i.e. -san, -kun, etc. But instead of using Mr., Ms., etc. But with my poor writing skills, whenever I tried to use Mr., Ms., etc. it doesn’t sound good and always opt to get rid of it. But without that, it will be hard to differ their standing especially when they use -dono or -sama. So I was thinking of adding them to make the reader easier to remember their character and their standing in conversation. (I hope this makes sense or it will only show how poor my writing skills are. Ugh my stomach)

What do you guys think about it?


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! To be honest, for a western-style setting, I prefer to not have the Japanese suffixes, unless you have a transmigrated Japanese person, because they don’t really fit with a western setting. Plus, there are naming conventions that exist in English (and other European languages) that don’t exist in Japanese, and vice versa, which can lead to awkward translations. Having said that, you are the person spending the time and effort to produce a quality translation, so really it’s your decision. But if you still aren’t sure, titles that you would use in this story (if you can pardon my long comment): “Sir” when referring to a knight, “Master” when referring to a respected commoner like a successful merchant or teacher, “Lord” or “Lady” when referring to a nobleman or noblewomen (although young noble children would often be referred to master or miss), “prince” or “princess” for the children of royalty. Unimportant commoners would just Mister, Mrs or Miss, if you want to be polite. Noel, because he’s the Brave, could be called Sir Noel or Master Noel because of his status and military background. Cammy would be Princess Cammy, and Sanya could be either Miss Sanya or Lady Sanya. The soldiers with rank would addressed by their rank as a title, such as Captain ——- or General ——. I hope this is helpful, even if you prefer to use Japanese suffixes… whichever you choose, I will still continue to read each release! Just remember to be consistent in your terms!

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