EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 37

This chapter was hard for me to translate, so forgive me if there were any sentence that sounds weird.


Intermission: Saint King


Demon King existed hundreds of years ago.

And so, the Brave who was chosen by God led his comrades and went to subjugate the Demon King and defeated it brilliantly.

They were given territory on an island slightly off the continent as a reward.

Then, they have come to an agreement that no one should interfere with them.

But still, they are engaged in trade and cultural exchanges.

And Mirage is one of the predecessors of the Brave comrades, the Saint and the current “Saint King”.

“D-Did you come alone?”

“I don’t want to alert anyone by bringing escorts, so I came alone. They won’t realize it, the islanders don’t know how I looked like and I don’t show up that much ”

It is unknown why Mirage appearance is so young, she seems to know the reason, but Mirage doesn’t talk about it that much.

Also, she almost hid in her room in the castle most of the time without showing up, so only a few people in the castle knew her appearance.

“If you said that you are going, I would have picked you up ”

“You know that I don’t like that kind of big and flashy thing, right?”

“Aa……., that’s right ”

“After reading the letter, I thought this was a case that I had to go directly. The reason you chose the Saint was that this is a duty that I couldn’t abandon and I could only do. And I’m glad that Levania has not contacted us and you guys are the one that contacted us first ”

“You have not heard from Levania yet?”

In fact, between the agreement between each country and the Holy Land that if a Demon king appeared, they were obliged to contact the Holy Land, as well as when the Demon King was defeated.

It was because to prevent the influence of the Demon King to spread, there is a ritual that needs to be done in a facility in the Holy Kingdom, but the whole process is not known because of its confidentiality.

“So, the brave is okay, right. For now, I want to meet him. Will you guide me?”

“Of course ”

“Well, it’s not a problem if we go tomorrow. It has been a long time since I was on this continent. I want to go around a little ”

On this day, Mirage reportedly roaming around the town and ate at various restaurants.

At that time, Schwartz, as her guide was stunned by the amount of her eating.

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