EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 36


Intermission: In the Port Town of Schvia


Schvia is active in trade with other continents and island nations.

Exevo is at the center of this.

Some people have gone to Levania through Schvia.

Levania also has sea in its territory and has a port, but it was only used by local people to go fishing and not well maintained.

That is what differentiates Schvia and Levania.

People who come to Exevo have various purposes, some to do business, adventures, or come to sightsee.

Since the Demon King was defeated, sometimes, some lovers go to see the ruined Demon King castle.

Someone gets off the ship, took their rucksack, and put on their hood which makes them not recognizable if they are a man or woman.

“It’s been a long time but……, well as I thought, it has changed ”

The person’s voice who squints with nostalgia is of a woman.

“It’s the first time in hundreds of years ”

The woman muttering alone. while walking lightly in the town of Exevo.

Schvia Castle’s Office

“So, there will be a coup in Levania, is what you say. Well, it is natural that it will happen ”

“Matomona royalty and nobles are already preparing to escape ”

“Let’s accept them if they come to this country ”

Salius and Schwarz were consulting on the possible cleanup of the coup in Levania.

Salius intends to condemn the coronation and expel the Levanian royalties to support and launch a new royal family.

They can’t intrude when there is a possibility that it will turn in a troublesome direction.

It is best to solve their problem in their own country.

That is what Salius was thinking.

“The problem is what would be his movement. Depending on his decision, Levania will definitely collapse ”

“Dear father, did you get in touch with that person?”

“I sent them a letter, but I have not received their answer at all. Maybe it did not arrive……. ”

“No, it had arrived ”

They hurriedly turned to where the voice came.

“Lo-Lord [Saint King]2…….!”

“Well, long time no see. I have read your letter♪”

She is one of the former hero, [Saint King] Mirage3

The Lord of the “Holy Land”, where no one should interfere with.

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