EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 35


Intermission: Levania’s Spirit Princess

The first princess of Levania, Cammy Levania1, is a girl loved by spirits.

Blessed by spirits since birth, she has been raised with great care.

Always smiled, she has been called “Levania’s Angel” or “Spirit Princess” by the people.

But that girl, is currently locking herself in her room.

“Cammy, please come out ”

“Don’t wanna! I don’t want to meet or talk with elder brother who driven Sanya out!”

Cain is trying to convince Cammy in front of her room.

“Stella is a wonderful woman. I am sure you will like her once you meet ”

“No! I don’t like that woman!”

Cammy slams the door.

“If you do not come out, things would not progress. Please, can you just show me your face?”

“I don’t wanna!”

It has been like this since he breaks his engagement with Sanya.

There is a reason why Cain is persuading Cammy.

Levania has a law that requires “the whole royal family consent” when making serious decisions.

This is an important law that prevents them from abusing their powers.

However, they can only participate once they are at the age of fifteen, which is considered to be an adult.

Cammy already turned fifteen on her birthday this year.

Cain’s coronation and marriage to Stella were decided shortly before Cammy turned fifteen.

Only Cammy opinion is not heard, and she cannot stomach their self-righteousness. (This is not accurate)2

Furthermore, Cammy longed for Sanya to be her elder sister, she cannot forgive Stella for driving her out.

On her fifteenth birthday, Cammy declared.

“I am against my elder brother coronation and marriage. There will be no coronation or marriage ”

Since that day, Cammy locked herself in her room.

At first, the royal family was easygoing about it, but only a few days later they realized the significance of the matter.

The protection of the spirits has been lost.

The spirits who responded to Cammy’s anger have left.

So, they thought that her mood will get better after they persuaded her, but to this day, it is not working at all.

That is because they do not understand what they did.

“Cain, Cammy has not come out yet?”

“She is only refusing from the other side…….,3 even though the wedding only a few days away. But, I think she will change once she met Stella ”

“Me too. I like Cammy ”

Once Cain and Stella left.

“……..Geez, they really did not recognize what they did ”

There is someone looking at their departure from the corner of the hallway.

He is Millet.

After confirming their disappearance, Millet knocks on Cammy’s room.

Cammy, it is me, Millet. I know where Sanya is ”

“Eh!? Is that true!?”

Cammy opens the door vigorously.

“Un, so why don’t we enter your room? I have a lot to talk about ”

“It is good if it is Millet elder brother ”

Millet who enter Cammy’s room, was surprised seeing the number of spirits floating in the room.

“Isn’t the spirits increasing?”

They came from other countries because they were worried about me. It was fun to talk to them every day”

Cammy is the only one that can talk to spirits.

Talking to the spirits get them to say in the kingdom will bring many benefits.

This is the role of Cammy and the reason she was called “The Spirit Princess”.

Millet talked about Noel, what happened during the defeat of the Demon King, and said that Sanya was in Hanoi village.

“So it was like that. I understand now why I always felt uncomfortable ”

“You knew that there was something strange?”

“Because there is “something unpleasant” seep out from father and big brother ”

Cammy can see the embodiment of human emotions.

This ability of hers is not well known.

“That is why, I decided to leave the kingdom. What does Cammy want to do?”

Cammy looks at the spirits floating around.

“The spirits will come along. I will also leave this kingdom ”

It was the moment when the decline of the country was decided.

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  1. キャミー・レバニア
  2. キャミーとしては自分の意見が入っていない、独善的に決まった事なので腹がたっている。
  3. 門前払いだよ・・・・・・

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    1. The goddess herself said to the king and head priest, they didn’t listen. If a goddess cannot make them see their folly, no one can.

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