EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 34


Intermission: People Who Notice The Change 2

Levania castle was busy.

Busy in preparation for the upcoming coronation and wedding of Prince Cain and Stella.

It is the same with the knights and the guards.

“Are the preparations for the fireworks done?”

“Aa, big fireworks will be launched ”

Such conversations took place between some knights and soldiers.

From a stranger’s point of view, it was to bless the coronation and the wedding, is what they would think.

However, in fact, it wasn’t.

In the middle of the night of a certain day.

When everyone was asleep, several people gathered at the knights’ meeting place.

“Everyone at the 35th squad has decided to participate ”

“My squad is the same ”

“Same, we will entrust our soul to General!”

“Is that so……. ”

At the center was General Gash.

He secretly began preparing a coup after meeting Noel.

He gathered his trusted subordinates, talked about the coup, and started gathering people.

There are no problems with the weapons, because it was managed by the knights.

Almost all the members of the knights participate.

“I’m grateful for all of you to express your participation in this plan, that is what I really feel. The kingdom is now on its way to ruin. Someone needs to stop it even if it cost their life. We are the only ones who can do it. But, I don’t want to say that what we are doing right now is righteous. What is right, and what is wrong, it is not our decision to make, but the next generation ”

The subordinates keep silent at General Gash words.

“If, if there are people who will immediately turn traitor, it can’t be helped. I won’t bear any grudge or hatred towards them. That is fate. Would you still participate in this plan?”

“Of course. We have been trained by General and come this far. We will fight together with General ”

“Thank you. The appointed day will be the day of the coronation ceremony “

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9 Replies to “EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 34”

    1. I don’t read much ahead, so idk what would happen next, but I know that it will not end with only the fall of Levania, there even might be a 3rd party that will join the fray. ☺

  1. So now we have like, 4 characters that where introduced, got like, 1 chapter of screen time, and then vanished. This novel is really suffering because of how short the chapters are.

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