EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 33


EX-Braves Receives A Visit 2

Schwartz is here again.

“There was a “Continental Conference” held in Levania. It is held once a month, and this is the first after the defeat of the Demon King……it was rough ”


“It was about the handling of the Brave. There are not a few countries that consider the Brave dangerous ”

So it was about me, it’s because I have the strongest power of mankind.

“How to say it, it was pretty intense. It’s like Levania can take the reins of the world because they has the Brave “1

“Once the battle with the Demon King is over, it’s time to fight between humans ”

What did I defeat the Demon King is for…….

I think it would have been better not to defeat him, the Demon King is.

Knock knock.

The sound of knocking on the front door was heard.

“Yes, who is it?”

When I opened the door, a noble young man was standing there.

“Sorry for visiting so suddenly. I come here to survey this land……. ”

“Eh? Aren’t you Millet ”

“Eh!? Schwartz!? Why are you here!?”

“You know each other?”

“He is the second Prince of Levania, Prince Millet. Millet, this is Noel, the true Brave ”


I can see the question mark floating above his head.

“…….Then, my father and elder brother stole the credit of Noel, is that what you mean?”

“Aa, this is an unmistakable truth ”

“There is no mistaking it. I am sorry for keeping silent all this time ”

Schwartz and Aina explain it to Millet.

Prince Millet has a shocked face.

“Noel! I am really sorry for what my father and elder brother did to you! And I apologize on behalf of Levania!”

“No no, it’s not Prince Millet’s fault ”

“No, even though I did not know, I should have stopped my family! As a relative, I feel ashamed! I’ll give punishment to my foolish father and elder brother!”

Prince Millet lowers his head.

It’s a big deal for a royal family to bow their heads to people below them.

Honestly, I don’t like the royal family, nobles, or people at the top, but I have a favorable impression of Prince Millet.

“It’s because Millet is a hardworking person. The King, his elder brother, or his relatives, most of their works are done by Millet ”

I see, he has been struggling a lot.

“That is because it is my duty, and it is the same case with now. There is no more post-processing. It is a blasphemy against God to steal Noel’s credit. I will abandon my royal status and leaves the kingdom ”

Un, this is, he’s angry.

It’s the scariest to offend such a serious person.

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  1. 何て言うかかなりピリピリしていましたね。勇者を持っているレバニアに世界の手綱を持っていかれるんじゃないかって

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