EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 32


EX-Brave Surprised

“Noel, look at this ”

Garzas brought a book.

“What book is that?”

“It’s [Heroic Tale of the Brave]1, it’s a book made by the kingdom. Everyone must buy one each. With one gold coins ”

“This book is one gold coin? That’s expensive ”

“Right? It’s different if it’s free, but it cost money, you know? What do you think about the poor people?”

“They won’t be able to prepare one gold coin ”

“That’s why, the Kingdom is now changing, in fact, it’s in debt now ”

It’s too unfair.

When I read it, the contents are quite different.

“Aina, it’s clearly made up right?”

“That’s right, I never fall in love with the Brave, and it’s pretty glorified ”

Although it was described that the dragon was defeated with one hit, in fact we barely defeated it. Everyone was fully beaten.

There were no sweet episodes of love stories on the journey.

Most of what is written is a lie.

If I complain, I can definitely win the case.

“It’s because the [Coronation Ceremony] and the [Wedding Ceremony] are close. Maybe they try to add more prestige to Prince Cain?”

“Isn’t that too fast? There will be remnants of the Demon King’s army, and is this something that later generations would write?”

“I think so too. Some people are complaining about this ”

That’s for sure.

It’s not you who evaluates but others.

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  1. 勇者の英雄譚, I hope I’m not wrong

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