EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 31


Intermission: People Who Notice The Change

Levania Castle

“……That’s weird ”

“Prince Millet, is there something wrong?”

“The crops are declining slightly ”

Prince [Millet Levania]1, is reading the report in one of the rooms in Levania Castle.

He worked in the territory and agricultural administration.

His personality can be described in one word as [Serious]2

He has lived honestly with his elder brother and father as his teacher.

“What about drought and flood damage report?”

“Nothing special. Well, it’s only a subtle change ”

“It will be irreversible once we overlook that change. Please send a team to investigate immediately ”

“Understood. A, and then. There is talk about Schvia wanting to buy land with an abandoned village in Levania territory ”

“Schvia kingdom is?”

“The King has sent me message, “Proceed with the procedure” is what it says ”

“And where is the place?”

“If it’s on the map then, …….it’s here ”

His subordinate pointed to a place on the map which is expanded on a desk.

“Isn’t this land is the home of the Saint. Is the Saint did not say anything about it?”

“”I do not particularly care”, is what she said ”

“Not really care……. Thanks, I’m not really good with that person ”

Haa~, the Prince sigh.

“Proceed with this at once ”

“Understood ”

His subordinate got out of the room.

“……..What is my father and older brother thinking ”

Since the defeat of the Demon King, the King and Prince Cain has been getting carried away.

Acting as if they were the new rulers of this world.

Millet was stunned by his father and elder brother.

But he still believed it to be temporary.

However, he didn’t know that a few days later he would actually go to the village of Hanoi to find out the truth and make a decision to abandon his homeland.

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  1. ミレット・レバニア
  2. [生真面目], A person who is too serious.

2 Replies to “EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 31”

  1. Why is it that Japanese writers are so fond of spoiling their own stories? That “But he did not know that…” bit keeps showing up again and again, and it’s a fairly bad device. It front loads a bit of excitement, at the cost of making the story up to that point predictable.

  2. Prince “Millet” discovered problems with the crops?
    That’s some creative naming-sense, there, Author-san!

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