EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 30

When I was translating chapter 29 yesterday, I got a call from my boss telling me to go to work and to prepare for a long shift. I was supposed to scheduled the chapter along with chapter 30 today, but forgot to set the date to tomorrow, it was uploaded 3 hours later after the call. So, you will only get 1 chapter today(to keep the chapter number even).


EX-Brave Receives Consultation

Immediately after that, I rebuilt the house where Aina will live and make its environment livable.

“That magic, when did you learn it?”

“A carpenter told me when we stopped in a city on our journey. You had gone somewhere with Stella saying “I don’t need it”, right?”

“……I want to hit the me at that time ”

…….Is she the type that feel down quickly?

The next day, Schwartz came again.

Apparently they come for consultation.

“I heard that the court had given the party status, money, and land in Levania ”


Aina nod her head.

Gudard seemed to have hired some maids as an additional request and was shouting “I got a harem! I have achieved men’s dreams!! ”

That guy, he always said that when he was with me.

I don’t think it was enviable, as I already know the true nature of women.

“Therefore, we were thinking to make this land the territory of milord Noel and welcome milord Noel as the Lord ”

“Eeehh!? M-Me as the Lord!?”

“But, do you think Levania will stay quiet about it? Isn’t it an unauthorized act?”

“We are currently in negotiation to make this village the territory of Schvia. Since it’s located between Levania and Schvia, unless they know what we are thinking, it can be transferred without any problem ”

Aa, it seems he already prepared everything.

“Even when we get the territory, we won’t get involved with milord Noel’s life. If you ask for something we will help you to the best of our ability ”

“I’m thankful for the talk. It’s enough if I can live as I have been ”

I don’t need status and honor.

All I want is a quiet life in this village.

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2 Replies to “EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 30”

  1. So, then, this village is on the border between the two countries. Yet the capital is within a quarter days sleep-amble of it. Yet they wont care at all about the annexation of territory that’s THAT CLOSE to the country’s capital. Like, it’s within marshalling range, it’s within a forest with lumber for siege equipment and all, IT’S ON THE BORDER WITH ANOTHER COUNTRY. Yet, it’s a completely abandoned village ignored by them even as a small military outpost, or… anything. Jeses.

    Whatever, ima stop thinking about this type of stuff. The author has put no thought into this story, setting, world, whatsoever, I’ll just conclude this, and try my best to completely turn my brain off from now on.

    1. Let me tell you just this. The King is an idiot who are blinded by his jealousy. This is a spoiler but cause the chapter already out, the King was jealous of Noel ‘s father and want to take revenge. So he made the villagers leaves his village and made it desolate by cutting of the water source. He didn’t put any outpost or guard because he want the village ti be destroyed. For the distance, not all royal capital must be in the middle of their teritorry. Some are even on its border.

      So please, don’t conclude without reading all the chapter or without any concrete proof. 😊

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